About Us

„Our mission is to protect valuables reliably and to improve the quality of life!“

For this we develop innovative and sustainable safety products with high quality standards.

The I LOCK IT team is a mix of software and hardware development, communications, sales, design and customer support professionals.

The team combines the love of cycling and the interest in constantly evolving and bringing new ideas together.


Christian Anuth

Markus Weintraut

The idea of I LOCK IT

The founders of haveltec GmbH – the company behind I LOCK IT – were really annoyed by the constant arrival and finishing of their bicycle on the campus of the university. They want keyless access and more comfort, as is common in today’s cars.

The simple idea of a keyless bike lock matured within 4 years to a real and complex product: the smart bike lock that can do much more, than automatically open and close. The path has gone from an innovation award to a successful crowdfunding campaign to now Over 5000 satisfied I LOCK IT users.