Additional safety for your I LOCK IT

In addition to the multi-level security, I LOCK IT offers the possibility to increase the theft protection even further.

This can be used according to individual needs and thus increases the theft protection. Your bicycle is fundamentally secured by the frame lock itself and the appropriate selection of materials. In addition, the integrated alarm system provides further reliable protection against thieves.

Do you most like to attach your bike to a solid object? Simply connect the I LOCK IT plug-in chain or the I LOCK IT plug-in cable to your I LOCK IT bike lock.

This works, very simple, fast and without a key:

Step 1 – Put the chain or cable around a solid object

Step 2 – Pull the plug through the loop and plug it into I LOCK IT

Step 3 – lock I LOCK IT as usual

Your bike is even better protected by the additional security and can not be carried away.

The plug-in chain

The plug-in chain is 90 cm long and made of hardened steel. The individual chain links have a diameter of 6 mm.

A polyester shell ensures a nice look and prevents scratches on your bike. With a weight of just under 700 g, the plug-in chain is also easy to transport.

The plug-in cable

The plug-in cable is 110 cm long and consists of a stainless steel cable, which is protected by a plastic sheath. Due to the included holder and the low weight of only 300 g, a transport of the plug-in cable is particularly easy.

The bracket is for example mounted on the seat post and the plug-in cable with the Velcro fasteners attached thereto.