Bike theft protection

Anyone who buys a new bike or is confronted with bike theft in the vicinity does not want to be one in 300,000.

Yes, just as many bikes were stolen in 2017 in Germany.

From occasional thieves to professionally organized gangs – 100% sure of bike theft is unfortunately no one at the end.

Bike theft protection – These top tips reduce the risk of bike theft

1. Do not save on the lock price

Cheap bike lock from the hardware store, but an expensive bike? Stop! Basically, the value of a bike lock should be 10 percent of the purchase price of the bike.
With an average bike value of 700 euros, you invest 70 euros in bicycle theft protection.

2. Always lock

No matter which lock you finally buy: Always use it! Opportunity makes thieves and in situations where it is not expected. Do you think you always have your bike in view? Sometimes it is faster than expected and then the trouble is great.
A bike theft protection are smart bike locks like I LOCK IT – they close and open fully automatically without a key, have an alarm system and send messages to the smartphone.

3. Position the lock as high as possible

You make the work of bike thieves more difficult if you attach the bike lock as close to the top as possible and close to the bike, such as: at a frame lock. So the tool has little starting points. In no case should the lock have contact with the ground.

4. Make alarm

An alarm system on the bike is a useful addition and an absolute insider tip. Integrated into a bike lock, you increase the theft protection for the bike. By-passers are alerted and you also receive a message on the app depending on the model. I LOCK IT offers a multi-level alarm system.

5. Vary locations

We love routine – thieves, too. To protect against theft we recommend
A) to choose busy and well-lit areas and
B) to change the parking spot every now and then.

6. Badge for bikes – bike pass

With a bike pass, you can prove your property beyond doubt, as individual characteristics such as date of purchase, brand, and appearance of the bike are stored. The police now also offers an app for this purpose. A preventative measure for bike theft protection.

A secure bike lock for more bike theft protection

Buying the right bike lock can sometimes not be that easy with the multitude of offers available on the market today. The choice plays a decisive role, for correct bike theft protection.
The range extends from mechanical to electronic bike locks, which can either be secured with a classic key or controlled via the app.

With I LOCK IT GPS – the smart bike lock you protect your bike innovatively and safely.

⮩ Because I LOCK IT GPS offers

  • Because of its bike lock type as a frame lock an always secure locking
  • Increased security through its smart features
  • An integrated alarm system
  • An app that controls the bike lock
  • GPS live tracking against bike-theft to locate the position of your bike

You can read through even more features of I LOCK IT in detail:

⮩ Bike insurance – precaution is important

It makes sense to pre-emptively deal with the topic of bike theft protection, but also to take precautions in the form of bike insurance. Due to the increasing professionalization of the thieves and the high-priced bikes and e-bikes, you can not even buy a new e-bike.
It is usually possible to increase your existing household contents insurance or to take out additional e-bike insurance. The range includes basic protection up to the all-round carefree package.

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