Bicycle Vandalism – What to do?

Everyone has probably seen these pictures of bicycle vandalism up close: Bicycles that are hardly recognizable as such. Especially in big cities, one often encounters lonely front wheels that are fastened to railings with thick chain locks. Also to the bare sheet metal gutted bicycle frames one finds frequently. If a parked bicycle is damaged, it is not only annoying, but can also lead to a high financial burden.

These examples are, of course, extremely drastic cases of bicycle vandalism.

Bicycle Vandalism - What to do, that a parked bike will not be damaged?
  • Can this happen to me, too?
  • What should I do if my bicycle is the victim of vandalism?
  • Who will pay for the damage?

In fact, random property damage is widespread. Between 600,000 and 800,000 cases of vandalism are reported in Germany every year. And the number of unreported cases is higher, because not everyone reports the damage to property.

Vandalism to your bike: How do you react correctly?

The frame scratched, the wheels bent or even slashed and the saddle stolen. When we find our bike in such a condition, the shock is deep! Here’s how to react correctly when your bike is affected by vandalism:

1. Stay calm

If your parked bike has been damaged, you are naturally shocked at first. However, it is important that you remain calm and keep a cool head.
Usually, at second glance, the damage is not quite so disastrous and can be quickly repaired so that you can still make your way home.

2. Do not intervene

If you even catch the person responsible in the act, you will certainly want to intervene immediately and vent your anger. But the police warn against intervening! Bicycle vandalism is often carried out in a group that can be intoxicated and prone to violence.
So do not put yourself in danger.
It’s best to go unnoticed and memorize the outward characteristics of the vandals.

3. Report the vandalism to the police

Whether you catch the vandalism of your bike in the act or just find the result, be sure to report the incident to the police.
When reporting against unknown, you should also describe what damage was done to your bike and where you parked your bike.

4. Notify your insurance company

If you have bicycle vandalism insurance, you should notify them immediately. Otherwise, bicycle vandalism is also covered by your homeowner’s insurance.
It’s best to check with your insurance company to be prepared in case of an emergency.

Why is bicycle vandalism so widespread?

It is annoying that a parked bicycle is damaged, but this fact does not surprise us all very much. Besides bicycles, cars or window panes are also vandalized. In most cases, the perpetrators are young people who incite each other to stupidity through a group dynamic. If alcohol is also involved, inhibitions fade and the consequences for their actions are forgotten. Frustration or anger is also often behind outbursts of rage that result in the destruction of other people’s property.

Of course, the victims of bicycle vandalism do not have much understanding for the fact that their bicycle had to serve as an outlet of rage. The perpetrators usually strike completely randomly and can therefore only be identified in the fewest cases. To protect a parked bicycle from damage, you have to come up with something these days.

For example, a smart bike lock with an integrated alarm system can be a good way to effectively deter bike vandalism.

Bicycle Vandalism - What to do, that a parked bike will not be damaged?

Is bicycle insurance against vandalism worthwhile?

Protection against bicycle vandalism refers to the wanton destruction of property by others. Most standard insurance policies do not cover vandalism. Therefore, it is important to protect an expensive bicycle or e-bike from vandalism as well.

To decide whether insurance is necessary for you, you should weigh the risk factors beforehand. In urban areas, for example, vandalism is a bigger problem than in rural areas. Your usage patterns also factor into the consideration. If you commute to work and leave the bike at the station, or you like to go out in the evening and leave the bike outside at night, it is at higher risk. The value of the bike also plays a role. E-bikes or expensive bike models would be very expensive to repair, which can make insurance a good idea.

Learn what you can keep in mind when parking your bike to protect it from vandalism and theft.

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E Bike Insurance – Uncomplicated and fast help

Modern insurance companies now offer comprehensive benefits for your own bike, because bike and e-bike insurance is becoming increasingly important for cyclists. What has long been standard and even mandatory for cars (liability and comprehensive insurance) is also increasingly being offered for cyclists.

E-bikes are in vogue: with electronic support, tours can be completed faster and more comfortably. If e-bikes initially had the cliché of being a boring way for seniors to get around, that’s definitely over now! Electric bikes are becoming more and more modern and sporty and can be used for all kinds of needs in everyday life and vacations.

E-bikes are an expensive investment that you should definitely protect adequately. Electric bikes are a popular target for bike theft, which is why a secure bike lock is essential. In addition, you should think about an e-bike insurance to avoid suffering a high financial loss in case of theft.

Reasons that speak for an e-bike insurance:

  1. The bike was very expensive.
  2. In everyday life you are dependent on the bicycle.
  3. You live in a theft stronghold (e.g. Bremen or Berlin).

The difference between E-Bike und Pedelec

Misunderstandings can easily arise among the terms e-bike and pedelec. In practice, there is often no clear distinction when using these terms. In particular, “pedelec” is not defined in the law. There are also no clear descriptions of the term “e-bike” in registration law, for example.

Mostly, the terms “pedelec” and “e-bike” are used synonymously for electronic bicycles with assisted drive. But it is important that you know exactly which category your bike belongs to. The reason for this is that different rules apply in each case! The type of drive determines which legal regulations apply and whether e-bike insurance is suitable for you.

  • Pedelecs up to 25 km/h are usually treated like bicycles
  • For some e-bikes at least a moped test certificate is required
  • A helmet should always be worn
E Bike Insurance - Uncomplicated and fast help

Pedelecs and e-bikes, which require motor vehicle liability insurance, fall outside the scope of bicycle insurance. In this case, an additional partial coverage insurance can be useful – it protects against theft, among other things.

Pedelecs/E-Bikes up to 25 km/h – assisting drive

A pedelec is a supportive electric bicycle. It is powered by a combination of muscle power and a supporting motor. That is, when you pedal , you are supported by the built-in motor.

The motor may be equipped with a maximum rated continuous power of 250 watts. As the speed increases, the assistance is reduced. From a speed of 25 km/h or, if the rider stops pedaling before then, the assistance from the auxiliary motor is also interrupted. Starting or pushing assistance up to 6 km/h is permitted.

As with cycling, no driver’s license is required and there is no minimum age. You do not need an insurance license plate. Although helmets are not mandatory, wearing one is strongly recommended. In addition, you are allowed to use all bike lanes, just like with a normal bike.

Pedelecs up to 45 km/h

Fast pedelecs up to 45 km/h fall into the category of motor vehicles, which require their own insurance license plate.

Only if you are at least 16 years old and have a class AM driver’s license, you are allowed to ride these two-wheelers. Please be sure to note that you may only use the roadway, bike paths are off limits! When using them, a suitable helmet must be worn, just like when riding a motorcycle.

E-bikes – fully motorized drive

These bikes are considered mopeds, where a suitable helmet is mandatory for motorcycles. In addition, an insurance license plate is required. Bike paths are taboo here as well. You may only ride on the roadway.

Bicycle and e-bike insurance at a glance

Basically, there is the possibility to cover your e-bike within the household insurance or via an exclusive bicycle insurance or e-bike insurance. Since most cyclists usually have their bike covered by their household insurance anyway, the question arises whether additional insurance is necessary at all.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, which you should consider before making a decision. The following is a brief summary of the various considerations.

Bicycle insurance and e-bike insurance

Bicycle insurance basically covers the replacement value of an e-bike. The policy usually includes damage due to theft, damage, falling / crashing, material and construction defects as well as wear and tear. Explicit e-bike insurance policies also offer protection against damage to electronics and moisture. As part of an all-round carefree package, you can also be “towed” (pick-up service).

Home contents insurance

If you extend your household insurance, the new value of the bicycle is included in the total value of the household contents. As a rule, however, the theft protection then refers to e.g. e-bikes locked in the bicycle cellar and not if it was properly connected e.g. at the station. Electronics etc. are also usually excluded from the scope of insurance. Furthermore, the value of the reimbursement does not reach the actual purchase price of the e-bike.

In detail: Bicycle insurance

Insurance for the bicycle or e-bike is worthwhile especially if the value is over 500 euros. The scope of benefits varies depending on the insurance and what you are willing to spend extra annually. Customization of insurance coverageis a big plus for e-bike insurance. Theft protection is included in all insurance policies, and in addition, vandalism damage can also be claimed.

E-bikes are very expensive to purchase, so bike insurance policies offer a so-called value guarantee: the entire replacement value of the e-bike is reimbursed. But beware, the e-bike must not be older than one year when the contract is concluded. When it comes to repairs, some insurers work with authorized repair shops. If it is important to you, then ask in any case whether there is a free choice or whether there is an authorized dealer. The night clause (no liability for theft is assumed between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.) does not exist in bicycle insurance, so you benefit from round-the-clock protection.

In detail: Home contents insurance as e-bike insurance

Home insurance is an all-rounder insurance for many. Bicycles can be conveniently included in the portfolio. However, as an e-bike owner, you should look very closely to see if your current homeowner’s insurance provides enough protection and damage coverage for you.

The cost is usually less than an additional e-bike insurance policy, and the expense should be less as well, since no additional policy is needed. In addition, all bicycles in the household are covered with just one insurance policy – something that bike insurance does not currently offer.

Basically, however, the decision stands and falls with the value of an e-bike. After all, an expensive e-bike should also replace its entire value if insurance has been taken out: In the vast majority of cases, household insurance does not do this. An example calculation: Your household contents are insured for 30,000 euros and the e-bike for 2 percent of the sum insured. Your e-bike would then be insured for only 600 euros. However, the acquisition costs were probably significantly higher at > 2,000 Euro.

Further disadvantages

  • Vandalism damages are not covered
  • Scope of benefits severely limited
  • Nighttime clause: limited protection between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • Theft protection applies only to locked rooms

What costs can I expect?

With an e-bike insurance policy, you pay between 180 and 300 euros per year, depending on the scope.

If you extend your household insurance, you will have to pay around 50 euros a year. However, the costs vary greatly from region to region: If you live in an area with a high theft rate, then the insurance costs also increase up to 350 euros per year.

The amount of the insurance premium always depends on the replacement value of the e-bike and also on the desired scope. Use a comparison calculator, which asks for your individual needs and thus creates a real comparison of the offered e-bike insurances.

I LOCK IT is the best bicycle alarm with innovative features

With I LOCK IT – a bike lock with alarm – you maximize the safety of your bike or e-bike from theft.

I LOCK IT 360° - Diebstahlschutz E Bike Versicherung - Rundum-Sorglos-Paket - Fahrrad Zurück Garantie - I LOCK IT GPS Live Tracking

Because I LOCK IT:

  • Has a 110 dB loud alarm triggered by intelligent motion sensors
  • Sends you a notification on your smartphone
  • Secures your bike fully automatically via app or remote control
  • Is extremely comfortable in its operation
  • It is constructed with robust materials and is very resistant to frequently used theft methods

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Bluetooth Bike Lock – Keyless Control

Nowadays, the smartphone makes it easy for us to keep an eye on the devices and applications of our daily lives. The lighting or room temperature in the house, refrigerator contents and now also bike locks.

A control of bike locks completely without a key or a number code is made possible by means of Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a radio technology that is integrated into all smartphones. Over a short distance, easy and secure data exchange is possible.

A Bluetooth lock is characterized by the fact that it is controlled via an app on the smartphone. In order to avoid unnecessarily straining the battery life of the smartphone, nowadays only the improved Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) wireless technology is used. This reduces the energy requirements for communication without neglecting the benefits of Bluetooth in general.

The differences between bike locks with Bluetooth are on the one hand in the style of the lock: From U-lock, folding lock to frame lock, there are many options. The scope of control in the app can also be very different. Depending on the functionality of the Bluetooth bike lock, the app offers appropriate control options.

The security of a Bluetooth lock

Access to Bluetooth bike locks is not easily possible. Common thieves work with bolt cutters and usually have little knowledge about Bluetooth LE technology. Bike thieves would have to become bike lock hackers.

The use of standardized encryption methods implements the highest security requirements. It is almost impossible to get access to a Bluetooth lock.

To hack a Bluetooth bike lock,

⤷ the thief must be very close to the lock,

⤷ he needs to know the individual key, which is exchanged between the bike lock and smartphone when connecting.

⤷ since all communication is highly encrypted it is nearly impossible to hack the lock

Combination of a frame lock with modern Bluetooth technology

I LOCK IT combines the modern Bluetooth LE technology with the classic advantages of a frame lock. The immobilizer is an ideal relief especially for short errands. The search for the key as well as the cumbersome application of a U-Lock to the bike stand is eliminated.

With I LOCK IT you just go, the bike lock automatically locks for you and opens as soon as you return. You do not even have to get your smartphone out of your pocket.

In addition, Bluetooth frame locks such as I LOCK IT can also be extended with a plug-in chain so that two different locks are used. Both are completely keyless and are controlled by a smartphone app.

Functions of the Bluetooth lock I LOCK IT


The intelligent bike lock opens and closes fully automatically via Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. It is not necessary to close manually, but the possibility exists at any time. As an alternative to the smartphone, there is a remote control that can be used independently to open and close I LOCK IT.

“The automatic mode, which can be turned off, is a comfort gain, especially if you want to park the bike for small errands just briefly.” Mario Hommen, Journalist (zeit online)


You can download the I LOCK IT App for free. It supports Apple and Android systems. The I LOCK IT App turns your smartphone into a digital key. The configuration options are very extensive: setting the range for opening and closing, managing sounds, battery indicator, sharing function and much more.

“I have been using my ilockit since the summer and am very satisfied. It is practical in everyday life. The first app version was not that great, but with each new version, the features were significantly better and it got new features every time. ” Jule A (Google Play Store)


I LOCK IT immediately identifies a theft. A 110 dB alarm sounds, frightens the bike thief and thus secures your bike. In addition, the Bluetooth bike lock notifies its owner by message on the smartphone. This feature is available in Bluetooth range. Since most people park their bikes in the vicinity of the apartment, this is not a problem.

“Every lock can be cracked with the right tools and time but both together give me a good feeling personally as it also has an alarm and informs me on the phone. As long as the range is not too big! ” TROOP (Amazon)


If the technology strikes for various reasons, you have the possibility to open or close I LOCK IT at any time. Based on a color code defined by you during the initial setup of I LOCK IT in the app, you always have access to the Bluetooth lock.

“In the test, I had the impression that I was dealing with a well thought-out product. Be it unlocking with an easy-to-remember click code thanks to association with colors […] “Frederick P. (Gadget Rausch)

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Bike App: Use your smartphone for more bike safety

To secure your bike more effectively against thieves, your smartphone can be a reliable companion. Bike apps are little helpers for everyday life that you install on your smartphone. This allows you to monitor all kinds of different metrics that give you more security and confidence. The bandwidth has now become very extensive. Apps instantly alert you with a push message on your smartphone when someone tries to steal your bike and trigger the alarm. This gives you the necessary security, even if you do not have your bike in sight.

Important: An app alone does not protect your bike from theft, but is a supplement! Do not go without a good bike lock.

Take advantage of the benefits of new technologies. By connecting a tracker, a smart bike lock or navigation device to your smartphone, you get real-time location information on your phone.

Alarm apps – in case of theft

In combination with an alarm system, you will receive an alarm message directly to your smartphone if theft is attempted. With a bike app that controls the alarm, you can directly deactivate the triggered alarm, for example, if it is a false alarm. Depending on the app provider, it is possible to set the sensitivity at which the alarm will be triggered. In a restless environment, e.g. at the supermarket, it makes sense not to raise the alarm to the highest level of sensitivity. Most of these bike racks are heavily used and there may be unintentional bumps on your bike. In addition, there is often the option of a “silent alarm” that notifies you by push message but does not trigger a loud alarm on the spot.

Location Apps – for more security

A pure bike app indicating the location does not exist in the form. Mostly this function is integrated in more extensive bike apps. As a rule, the location of the bike is not stored directly, but that of the smartphone (which is in the immediate vicinity of the bicycle). However, if a tracking chip is installed on the bike, this determines the location of the bike and displays it on a map. In addition, live tracking is also possible.

Tracking Apps – always know where your bike is

To find your bike in the event of theft, you can attach a GPS tracker to your bike and use the app to find the exact location and record the route. These bike apps in combination with a GPS tracker work with location technology. A map shows where the bike is and, if so, which route you have taken or the thief took. If you have equipped your bike with this technology, we strongly advise against going on a search yourself.

Go to the local police, they will take the case and also take into account the GPS location. Compare the differences in functionality before buying a GPS tracker and the associated app, so your personal requirements are covered.

A GPS Tracker alone offers very little benefit. Especially when it comes to theft protection for your bike. Equip your bike with a smart bike lock from I LOCK IT and combine the benefits of a smart bike lock and an alarm. Together with the I LOCK IT app, this results in high-quality anti-theft protection that can effectively prevent the theft of your bike at any time.

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Bike theft protection

Anyone who buys a new bike or is confronted with bike theft in the vicinity does not want to be one in 300,000.

Yes, just as many bikes were stolen in 2017 in Germany.

From occasional thieves to professionally organized gangs – 100% sure of bike theft is unfortunately no one at the end.

Bike theft protection – These top tips reduce the risk of bike theft

1. Do not save on the lock price

Cheap bike lock from the hardware store, but an expensive bike? Stop! Basically, the value of a bike lock should be 10 percent of the purchase price of the bike.
With an average bike value of 700 euros, you invest 70 euros in bicycle theft protection.

2. Always lock

No matter which lock you finally buy: Always use it! Opportunity makes thieves and in situations where it is not expected. Do you think you always have your bike in view? Sometimes it is faster than expected and then the trouble is great.
A bike theft protection are smart bike locks like I LOCK IT – they close and open fully automatically without a key, have an alarm system and send messages to the smartphone.

3. Position the lock as high as possible

You make the work of bike thieves more difficult if you attach the bike lock as close to the top as possible and close to the bike, such as: at a frame lock. So the tool has little starting points. In no case should the lock have contact with the ground.

4. Make alarm

An alarm system on the bike is a useful addition and an absolute insider tip. Integrated into a bike lock, you increase the theft protection for the bike. By-passers are alerted and you also receive a message on the app depending on the model. I LOCK IT offers a multi-level alarm system.

5. Vary locations

We love routine – thieves, too. To protect against theft we recommend
A) to choose busy and well-lit areas and
B) to change the parking spot every now and then.

6. Badge for bikes – bike pass

With a bike pass, you can prove your property beyond doubt, as individual characteristics such as date of purchase, brand, and appearance of the bike are stored. The police now also offers an app for this purpose. A preventative measure for bike theft protection.

A secure bike lock for more bike theft protection

Buying the right bike lock can sometimes not be that easy with the multitude of offers available on the market today. The choice plays a decisive role, for correct bike theft protection.
The range extends from mechanical to electronic bike locks, which can either be secured with a classic key or controlled via the app.

With I LOCK IT GPS – the smart bike lock you protect your bike innovatively and safely.

⮩ Because I LOCK IT GPS offers

  • Because of its bike lock type as a frame lock an always secure locking
  • Increased security through its smart features
  • An integrated alarm system
  • An app that controls the bike lock
  • GPS live tracking against bike-theft to locate the position of your bike

You can read through even more features of I LOCK IT in detail:

⮩ Bike insurance – precaution is important

It makes sense to pre-emptively deal with the topic of bike theft protection, but also to take precautions in the form of bike insurance. Due to the increasing professionalization of the thieves and the high-priced bikes and e-bikes, you can not even buy a new e-bike.
It is usually possible to increase your existing household contents insurance or to take out additional e-bike insurance. The range includes basic protection up to the all-round carefree package.

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Bike GPS Tracker: Anti-theft protection for your bike

A secure bicycle lock is an essential means of protection against theft. But if you want to go one step further, for the bicycle GPS tracker are interesting.

Some manufacturers of e-bikes in the higher price segment are already starting to equip their models with GPS tracker out of the box. However, it is not at all necessary that you have to buy an expensive new e-bike as a result. You can retrofit your bike with a tracking device.

There are various solutions available for this purpose.

There are bicycle GPS tracker that are attached to the bike frame or the seat post, for example. Other models are mounted invisibly in the frame or handlebars, but require a powerful power source.

We at I LOCK IT have equipped our smart bike lock with a bicycle GPS tracker and offer with I LOCK IT GPS a multi-level security system for your bike what you should consider in the topic.

Is GPS technology suitable for bicycle tracking?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is a global navigation satellite system for positioning. It allows the determination of the current position in real time. Meanwhile, this method has established itself as the world’s most important location method and is widely used in navigation systems.

With a Bike GPS Tracker, there is the possibility to locate your bike after a theft or to record the route. Bike GPS, therefore, offers useful theft prevention.

Bike GPS tracker – how it works in a nutshell

A GPS Tracker is equipped with a module called a GPS receiver to determine the current position. In addition, a GSM module is also installed (Global System for Mobile Communication). Via the mobile network, the data are exchanged. The bicycle GPS Tracker then communicates with you, so to speak. This is done manually, that is, you send a request and receive an answer.

The other option is the automated version. In this case, the bike sends you GPS Tracker at a pre-defined time, e.g. once an hour, an automatic answer about the current location.

You will then usually receive the coordinates or a Google Maps link via SMS, via an app or by e-mail.

gps tracking is connecting

Range of bike GPS tracker

The accuracy of GPS receivers and GSM modules varies from ten to one meter. However, similar to Bluetooth or WLAN, the transmitted signal can be restricted, which reduces the accuracy. This is the case, for example, with reinforced concrete walls.

1. Integration of GPS trackers in bike locks

The desire for a GPS tracker function is mainly due to an increased safety claim. After a bike theft, the hope is great to find the bike with the help of the tracker. But especially with higher-priced bikes, such as e-bikes, the bicycle thefts are organized and carried out very professionally.

Unfortunately, a GPS tracking system is quickly identified, removed and therefore useless because your own bike can not be located. So it does not make sense to mount it on the bike but to hide it. This can be done for example in a fixed mounted frame lock, a taillight or hidden in the seat post.

I LOCK IT GPS is such a frame lock, which has an integrated GPS tracker. Not visible from the outside, it protects the bike in any situation. If your bike or e-bike is moved, you will receive a notification in real time and can track the current location live via the free tracking app.

2. Other possibilities of use

With GPS trackers not only bikes can be equipped. Basically, any valuable item can be equipped with a GPS tracker. These are more multifunctional and compact then bicycle GPS tracker.

Examples for protection:

  • Vehicles of any kind
  • Valuables such as suitcase
  • Children or people with dementia (but the person must agree!)

Types of Bicycle GPS Tracker

Bike GPS tracker without SIM card Bike GPS tracker with SIM card
The GPS position is stored on an internal memoryFor tracking of your bike
The route can be evaluated later using a software on the computerBy direct request you receive the exact location by app, by SMS / call or email
There is no navigation possible while drivingGeofencing possible – If your bike leaves a specified area, you will be informed
Locating your bike is not possibleThere are running costs and the handling can be more complicated
Partial additional functions such as alarm system

Find out, how our smart bike lock system I LOCK IT GPS works:

How much does a bike GPS tracker cost?

The cost of a bike GPS tracker is usually from 120 euros upwards. In addition, depending on the choice of the GPS bike tracker, there are still monthly costs for the SIM card.

You should pay attention to certain points when buying since quality and function differences are given depending on the model:

  • Function type (with/without SIM card)
  • Battery life: Ranges from 1 to 90 days.
  • Splash protection: Constant rain should not bother the bicycle GPS tracker.
  • Geofencing: Alerts when the bike leaves a designated zone.
  • SOS emergency button: Depending on requirements, an emergency contact can be stored, which is informed when the button is pressed.

I LOCK IT GPS with live tracking

With I LOCK IT GPS – a smart bike lock with alarm and integrated live tracking – you maximize the security for your bike or e-bike against theft.

I LOCK IT GPS Live Tracking - Bike GPS Tracker - Bicycle GPS Tracker

The smart lock I LOCK IT GPS:

  • Integrated GPS Live Tracking – Track the position of your bike in real time in case of theft.
  • As soon as the smart alarm is triggered, the GPS Live Tracking starts and sends the position of your bike to your smartphone
  • Works completely keyless
  • Automatically locks for you and opens as soon as you return
  • Has a 110 dB loud alarm triggered by smart motion sensors
  • Is extremely convenient in its operation
  • Is Made in Germany

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Smart bike lock – innovative protection for your bike

Bike safety experiences a new dimension with innovative Smart Lock functions. Your everyday bike life is more convenient – because you no longer need to search for a key. Your bike is more reliably protected against theft – technologies interlink, new safety functions are created.

A smart bike lock is trendy. We will show you which electronic functions make your bike lock more comfortable and safer.

Automatic locking and keyless opening

Smart bike locks can do without the conventional key. The connection to a smartphone app opens and closes the digital bike lock. This is done either manually by pressing a button on the smartphone or directly on the lock, or fully automatically without another handle. As if by magic. Behind it is usually the Bluetooth technology which connects the smart bike lock and your smartphone reliably.

With numerous setting options in an associated app, for example, you can adjust the distance to open and close and when to perform an automatic operation. Gain maximum comfort that is ideal for your everyday life.

This comfortable and keyless solution as with cars is a relief for any cyclist. By controlling the smart bike lock via an app on your smartphone, you always have your digital key, and you do not even have to get it out of your pocket, depending on the lock model. One or more tattered keys in the jacket pocket are a thing of the past. Often, several bike locks can also be controlled with an app, so that all devices are operated with one device.

Alarm through integrated motion sensors

Another really useful extension are alarm systems that are installed directly in the bike lock. With an alarm, your bike is intelligently protected from thieves. Due to the surprise effect and the high volume of the alarm thieves are being interrupted.

In addition, you will receive an instant notification on your smartphone about the attempted theft. So you are always informed in real-time and needless worry about your bike. If it is a false alarm, there are usually different ways to end it: directly on the lock or via the control on the smartphone. To reduce the false alarm rate, smart motion sensors are used. Some of the smart bike locks then distinguish between a genuine theft attempt due to sustained jarring and minor jarring, e.g. a ball. This Smart Lock feature helps to alert passers-by to a real theft attempt and you are only informed in case of emergency.

Tracking – Locate your bike

For bike lovers with a high level of safety, GPS solutions are well suited. If a GPS tracker is installed directly in the frame lock, for example, there is a high probability that the thief will not recognize it and therefore will not remove it. The location accuracy for a stolen wheel is one to ten meters. However, the quality, the battery performance and the range of functions currently vary greatly, so a comparison before buying is worthwhile.

Combining mechanical and electronic security

In addition, mechanical protection must not fade into the background. The choice of materials, such as hardened steel and robust plastics, meet the same high safety criteria for the smart bike lock as its classic representative. Therefore, pay attention to high-quality materials when buying a smart bike lock. The Smart Lock functions like the alarm, the GPS tracking or the automatic mode serve as additional protection and increase the comfort.

In addition, also pay attention to the battery power. The more functions a smart bike lock has installed, the higher the requirements for battery performance. Many Smart Lock functions consume a lot of energy. Therefore, you should pay attention to long battery life and energy-saving options so that you do not lose comfort.

Equip your bike or e-bike with a digital bike lock, increase the protection for your bike. Thieves not only have to overcome the mechanical protection, but also the electronic protection: alarm system, GPS tracker and smart networked devices make it for thieves almost impossible!

The bike lock I LOCK IT combines many of these smart lock functions and is designed for the highest safety standards.

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Bike alarm system at a glance: Protect your bike with the best bike alarm system

Cars are equipped with an alarm system as standard and you can easily retrofit them on motorcycles and houses. Your own bike is dear to you and also expensive and especially a bicycle alarm would be useful. But a bike alarm system so far is rather uncommon and usually does not belong to the standard equipment.

A bike alarm system – upgrade is worthwhile

Indeed a bike theft is a very annoying thing, which is associated with costs and time. In addition, thieves also like to steal bike accessories. Although the accessories are usually inexpensive to replace, yet it is no joy to go home without a bike saddle. It is therefore important to implement all measures for effective theft protection

The previously only protection by a classic bike lock is complemented by a bike alarm. Bike thieves – especially the pros – do not stop at bike locks, which they have broken up several times before.

The experience gives them the security to be able to steal the bike within a very short time. So if you’re unlucky, and the thief picks your bike, then the chances are very bad.
The commercially available protection is therefore obsolete and should be supplemented by an alarm system. A very good combination is a bicycle lock with alarm.

Bike alarm system I LOCK IT - bike lock with alarm - bicycle alarm

I LOCK IT is the best bicycle alarm with innovative features

With I LOCK IT – a bike lock with alarm – you maximize the safety of your bike or e-bike from theft.

Bike alarm system I LOCK IT - bike lock with alarm - bicycle alarm

Because I LOCK IT:

  • Has a 110 dB loud alarm triggered by intelligent motion sensors
  • Sends you a notification on your smartphone
  • Secures your bike fully automatically via app or remote control
  • Is extremely comfortable in its operation
  • It is constructed with robust materials and is very resistant to frequently used theft methods

I LOCK IT users especially appreciate the easy operation of the lock, the integrated loud alarm system and the app connection.

Guide: What is a bicycle alarm?

The previously sole protection by a classic bicycle lock is supplemented by a bicycle alarm system. A bicycle alarm system is an acoustic protection that supplements the mechanical protection provided by a bicycle lock. Bicycle alarms react to unauthorized movement and trigger a continuous alarm that is up to 110 dB loud. This alerts the surrounding area and thieves usually stop their crime immediately.

Some bicycle alarms can be controlled intelligently and first trigger a pre-alarm and then the continuous alarm. The alarm can be switched off via code, smartphone app or fingerprint.

The previously only protection by a classic bike lock is complemented by a bike alarm. A bike alarm system is an acoustic protection that complements the mechanical security with a bike lock. Bicycle alarm respond to unauthorized movement and trigger a permanent alarm that is up to 110 dB loud. This will warn the surrounding area and thieves will break off their actions immediately.

Some bike alarm systems can be controlled intelligently and trigger first a pre-alarm and then the permanent alarm. The alarm can be turned off by code, smartphone app or fingerprint.

Why should I equip my bike with an alarm?

  • The alarm surprises the thief on the project
  • Real-time notification on your smartphone
  • Passersby are alerted by the loud bike alarm
bike theft protection

In Germany, thieves steal around 300,000 bicycles a year. The number of unreported cases is much higher. Bike thieves – especially the pros – do not stop at bike locks, which they have broken up several times before.

And even the place where the bike is at is not important: whether at the train station, in front of the bakery or in your own garage. Once thieves have chosen your bike and have time to break the lock, the expensive investment is gone.

Especially high-priced e-bikes are very popular for stealing, but even the supposedly old lover’s pieces are not safe from theft.

What types of bike alarm systems are there?

There are two different types of bike alarm systems:

External and internal bike alarm

  • An external bike alarm is a small device that is mounted on the bike.
  • Ideally, this is small, handy and can be installed inconspicuously.
  • Internal bike alarm systems combine a bike lock with alarm.
  • For thieves almost unrecognizable. A bike lock with alarm provides combined safety at a high level.

A bike lock with alarm – the internal variant

Bike locks with alarm are equipped with integrated motion sensors that monitor all movements of your bike around the clock. If a bike thief tamper with your bike or tries to carry it away, a 110 dB alarm will sound for up to 30 seconds. Comparable is this volume with a chainsaw or a rock concert. With further manipulation, the alarm continues, so that the bike thief is continuously disturbed in his plan and eventually abandons it.

When the alarm is over, it will usually sound again should the bike thief try his luck again. However, if it was an accidental shock, then the alarm goes off after the individual time has expired. The bike alarm can be switched off prematurely by opening the lock, entering a code or confirming in the app (depending on the model).

Only the volume of the alarm has a very high deterrent potential. The alarm starts abruptly and without warning and bothers the thief to calmly focus on his theft attempt. Passersby are made aware of what’s going on in the area and the bike theft is no longer in the secret. And attention is the last thing a perpetrator needs.

Some bike locks with an alarm are linked to a smartphone app. Then you will receive an instant message to your connected smartphone. This puts you on the safe side when someone is unauthorized on your bike and tries to steal it. In most cases, it is important that you stay within reach.

AT A GLANCE bicycle alarm system

  • Integrated sensors in the bike lock register unwanted movement
  • Up to 110dB and up to 30 seconds long
  • Connection to a smartphone app

An external alarm on the bike

An external alarm on the bicycle must be mounted in addition to a separate lock. These transmitters are screwed in a suitable place.

Suitable places on the bike can be:

  • Under the saddle
  • On the handlebar
  • Under the porter

Usually, there is an extra hand transmitter or remote control over which the alarm message is issued and operation of the bike alarm system is possible. This must always be carried along to be able to react.

The alarm sounds similar to a bike lock with alarm. The message on the remote control, on the other hand, can quickly be too quiet if the ambient noise is too loud or the receiver is in the purse. So you will not notice the attempted theft and have no way to respond. An app connection, as it is sometimes already common in a bicycle lock with alarm, offers an ideal supplement. If a long-range is important, you should definitely compare before buying.

A plus: The initial costs are usually lower than those of a bike lock with alarm. Nevertheless, it remains attached to an external device that must be securely installed on the bike and with an extra remote control to operate.

AT A GLANCE Alarm on the bike

  • Transmitter and receiver device in addition to the bike lock
  • Message about the alarm to the remote control
  • Low acquisition costs

How much is a bike alarm system?

The prices of bike alarm systems vary depending on the range of functions and quality in the range of 15 euros to 150 euros. If it is an external bike alarm, these are usually cheaper. A bike lock with an alarm is available from 40 euros upwards.

Bike alarm system (external)15 – 50 Euro
Bike lock with alarm (internal)50 – 150 Euro

Bike alarm systems installed in bike locks are priced slightly higher, but offer more opportunities to protect the bike from theft. Because bike locks are the target of many thieves to steal the entire bike. By a constant alarm sound the thief omits his project fast.

Compare and buy bike alarm systems

A bike alarm system can either be purchased from a specialist dealer in the city or from larger and smaller online shops. It makes sense to think about which system of a bike alarm system is preferred and whether additional functions are desired, such as:

  • App control
  • Adjustment of the sensitivity of the alarm
  • Smart alarm with pre-alarm
  • The volume of the alarm

The bike lock with alarm I LOCK IT, which we present here, can be ordered directly in the online shop.

What is ultimately important?

Extended security is a must for those who rely on their bikes every day or where the purchase price was very expensive. A secure bike lock always forms a solid basis for protection against bike theft.

Modern and innovative enhancements such as an external alarm system on the bike or integrated into a bike lock increase security!

Do not let your bike get stolen and equip your bike with an alarm. Ideally, an alarm system on the bike discourages potential thieves from attempting theft. 

An alarm system attached to the bike helps the potential thief to assess his chances of success as too low and ignore theft from the outset.

Take the opportunity to maximize safety!

bike theft protection

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E-Bike Lock: Security through high-quality theft protection

With the right e-bike Lock you have a much safer feeling. You have spent a lot of money and would like to keep your e-bike for a long time.

Which bicke lock is the best for your E bike? Why not spend a lot of money on theft protection when your e-bike has cost € 2,000 or more?

Experts recommend investing up to 15% of the bike’s new price in safety.

  • Facts why you need a secure e-bike lock
  • I LOCK IT e-bike lock
  • Guide: A bike lock for your e-bike –
    These types exist
  • Innovativ e-bike locks
  • How much does an e-bike Lock cost?
  • E-bike lock alone is not everything:
    Safety tips and taboos:

Facts why you need a safe e-bike lock

  1. In 2017, 300,000 bikes were stolen.
  2. The police clearance rate is negligible (2017: 12,000 bikes).
  3. Unfortunately, there is little hope to ever get your e-bike back.
  4. The new purchase of an e-bike will usually be much more expensive than securing your existing reliable.
  5. Bike theft is becoming more and more professional. Even the well-secured cellar is no barrier for professional thieves.
  6. Opportunity makes thieves: Apparently bad or not secured bikes lure theft.

I LOCK IT e-bike lock

I LOCK IT is the e-bike optimized lock. Permanently mounted on the rear wheel, it is always there and secures your e-bike even on shortstops. For the longer parking, there are safety accessories such as a plug-in chain.

Das E Bike Schloss I LOCK IT:

  • Works completely keyless
  • Automatically closes for you and opens as you return
  • Has a 110 dB loud alarm triggered by intelligent motion sensors
  • Is extremely comfortable in its operation
  • Is Made in Germany

Guide: A bike lock for your e-bike – These types exist

Surely you are aware that a bike lock for an e-bike is a necessary must for more safety. Have you ever considered which material properties, functions and comfort aspects are necessary for optimal protection? Heavy locks that can be cumbersome attached and locked (e.g., folding lock) or one that is fixedly mounted to the rear wheel (e.g., frame lock)?

Basically, there are five types of bike locks for e-bikes:


To close the massive steel strap is inserted into the counterpart. To meet different security requirements, the U-lock is available in different sizes and thicknesses.


Chain locks weigh up to five kilograms. They offer a good theft protection at a moderate price. A chain lock is flexible and available in different lengths.

Frame locks

The frame lock is a self-contained system in which a curved bracket travels from one side between the spokes through the rear wheel to the other side. The bracket prevents the rear wheel from turning, which prevents it from rolling away or driving.

Cable locks

A cable lock Is a steel cable that is encased in plastic. Typical is a small diameter and, consequently, the low degree of safety against bicycle theft.

Folding locks

The folding lock has a design that resembles a folding rule. It consists of fixed links that can be folded together using movable joints.

Innovative e-bike locks

Bike thieves are becoming more and more professional and reckless. A classic securing of the e-bike, therefore, carries the risk that your bike is quickly targeted as a new target. In addition, bicycle thieves often specialize in a particular design, so that two different types of locks, such as Chain lock and frame lock, significantly increase the safety of your e-bike.

Innovations in the bicycle market increase fun, safety, and comfort. But especially with e-bike locks, a lot of new things have not happened for a long time. Now the connection of a bike lock for e-bikes to the smartphone is a big trend.

⮩ E-bike alarm system

With an e-bike alarm system, the surprise effect of a loud alarm is used. You have the opportunity to easily retrofit this with your e-bike. As an alternative to the alarm system, there are e-bike locks that already have an integrated alarm, such as I LOCK IT.

E-Bike Alarm Systems instantly alert you to your smartphone when a thief steals your e-bike. This is very useful if you do not have your e-bike in sight. It is, therefore, worthwhile to take a closer look.

⮩ Bluetooth bike lock for e-bikes with an app connection

Bluetooth bike locks offer the great potential to monitor your bike much more reliably. Mechanical protection is meaningfully extended by intelligent digital solutions.

⮩ GPS at e-bike locks

If an alarm does not effectively prevent theft, then an e-bike GPS tracker offers a way to determine the current location of your e-bike. The way to attach them to your e-bike varies: implemented in a fixed frame lock, a taillight or hidden in the seat post.

⮩ Bike App

With bike apps against theft, a new exciting field opens up to better keep track of your daily companion. Most tracking and alarm apps can be found in the corresponding app stores. In addition, there are many more ways to control your e-bike or bike lock with an app.

How much does an e-bike lock cost?

In general, the cost of an e-bike is very high, so you should definitely consider a high-quality e-bike lock. The ADFC recommends a guideline of 10% of the price of the e-bike. Bike locks must have a minimum purchase price of 49 euros for some insurance. Good e-bike locks for shortstops start at about 30 euros.

E-bike lock with key30 – 120 Euro
E-bike lock with smartphone50 – 150 Euro
E-bike alarm system50 – 150 Euro

It is important that you consider which e-bike Lock concept meets your safety requirements so that you can leave your e-bike for a longer period of time with a clear conscience.

E-bike locks alone is not everything: safety tips and taboos:

Vary the locations regularlyLeaving the key attached
Pick well-lit spots with high trafficDo not take the battery and display of the e-bike with you during a long absence
Position the e-bike lock as high and narrow as possibleSave on the e-bike lock price
On the move: Choose a seat where you can keep an eye on the e-bikeNot locking for short stops

In addition, we spoke with an expert from the police and can give you these valuable tips for the safety of your e-bike:

I LOCK IT: How should you lock your e-bike?
Mr. Fuchs: Do not lock your bike in “dead” areas where offenders can act undetected. Connect with other objects. Use multiple locking variants.

I LOCK IT: How much does a safe e-bike lock cost?
Mr. Fuchs: The price is not relevant. It is important that all security requirements are adequately covered. The quality of the materials is therefore much more important than a high price. The discovery risk must be as high as possible. The longer it takes to overcome the e-bike lock, the sooner the offender will break off his theft.

I LOCK IT: Bluetooth bike locks are currently conquering the market, how do you assess the safety of these new locks?
Mr. Fuchs: Automated locking is a convenient solution because then the protection is given especially for short errands. Additional an acoustic signal, which is audible nearby – and you have installed additional security on your bike.

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A bicycle frame lock – the comfortable and safe alternative

Frame lock in a nutshell: light in weight, easy to use, always with you. The perfect basic security.

What is a bycicle frame lock?

A frame lock is a bicycle lock proven for decades and very popular among many for ease of handling and optional enhancements such as, for example, a chain.

Reliable and safe, you can do your short shopping: Because too often takes the closing and closing longer than the actual visit to the bakery.

This is due to cumbersome bike locks, with which you only lose time. With a bicycle frame lock, the bike is safely locked in seconds and can not fall victim to occasional thieves.

Fahrrad Rahmenschloss I LOCK IT - intelligentes Fahrrad Rahmenschloss

I LOCK IT is the innovative bicycle frame lock

I LOCK IT combines modern technologies with the classic advantages of a frame lock. The immobilizer is an ideal relief especially for short errands.

With I LOCK IT you just go, the bike lock automatically closes for you and opens as soon as you return. You do not even have to get your smartphone out of your pocket – and there is no longer a key!

  • I LOCK IT automatically closes for you and opens as soon as you return.
  • I LOCK IT combines modern technologies with the classic advantages of a frame lock. The immobilizer is an ideal relief especially for short errands.
  • With I LOCK IT you maximize the safety of your bike or e-bike. Thanks to its elaborate design, it is suitable for various situations and meets the highest security requirements.

What are the differences between bicycle frame locks?

A bicycle frame lock is firmly attached to the rear strut and is thus always there. The steel bar pushes between the spokes, blocking the rear wheel. This protects your bike from being pushed away. However, the locking systems have changed which are very important for bicycle safety.

Locking with key

Frame locks can be used with removable or non-removable keys. 

In some versions, the key remains in the cylinder when the lock is open. This means that strangers always have the opportunity to complete the bike and the For example, could dispose of keys. The bicycle key is usually fastened to the keychain and would have to Incidentally, transported directly to the castle during the ride: it rattles and annoys. 

The other variant are bicycle frame locks with removable key. If the lock is in the open state, the key can be transported by the bicycle owner. The risk of a foreign contract is therefore not. 

Locking with smartphone

A novel variant is a bicycle frame lock with Bluetooth. The lock cylinder is no longer there, just as little as a key.

The smart frame lock is operated with an app on the smartphone. Depending on the provider, this can be done fully automatically by removing it from the bike or manually by clicking in the app.

How much is a bicycle alarm system?

The cost of a bicycle frame lock is in a price range between 20 and 150 euros. In addition, there are the costs for additional accessories such as a plug-in chain or a plug-in cable.

Bicycle frame lock with key20 – 40 Euro
Bicycle frame lock with smartphone90 – 150 Euro

A bicycle frame lock with key is cheaper to buy than the keyless version with the smartphone. The smart version of the frame lock, however, has additional features that increase the safety of the bike. With the innovative bicycle frame lock I LOCK IT you can shop at the bakery without any worries: automatically and with alarm I LOCK IT secures your bike.

How to mount a bicycle frame lock?

Frame locks are basically intended for a fixed mounting on the bicycle frame and serve primarily as an immobilizer. The seatstays have on most models already mounting holes, which are intended exactly for this purpose. In this case will The bicycle frame lock is fastened there with the included screws.

If the mounting holes are not present, installation adapters create a replacement usually.

Fast and easy mounting

  1. The adapter is placed around the frame.
  2. It is tightened by a screw.
  3. Then the frame lock can be easily screwed to the adapter.

How safe is a bicycle frame lock?

Fahrrad Rahmenschloss I LOCK IT mit Einsteckkette

In combination with an extension, the frame lock quickly becomes an ideal all-round protection for the bicycle. Both key-operated or smartphone-based frame locks offer plug-in functions: Chains or cables. With these extensions, each bike can be connected to a stable object or the front wheel.

In addition, app-controlled frame locks are equipped with an alarm system. In case of unwanted movement then immediately triggers a loud alarm.

Bicycle frame lock conclusion: lightweight, safe and robust

A classic bicycle frame lock convinces above all by its light weight and its fixed mounting on the wheel frame. In most cases, installation on the bike is easy. Thus, city or trekking bikes, or modern e-bikes and cargo bikes can be equipped with it. 

Thanks to the space-saving and lightweight design, you do not need to worry about how to keep the lock while driving. Even the use of a bicycle frame lock is child’s play: a steel strap that pushes between the spokes locks the bike reliably. 

A bicycle frame lock is the perfect solution for the temporary parking of the bike. With practical accessories, safety also increases enormously.

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