The I LOCK IT comparison

Find your perfect I LOCK IT

The comparison gives you a detailed list of functions, the compatible safety accessories and the technical details of I LOCK IT classic, LOCK IT+ und I LOCK IT GPS. So you will definitely find your perfect I LOCK IT.


In a direct comparison of the intelligent bike locks, I LOCK IT+ and I LOCK IT GPS can offer everything I LOCK IT classic has to offer in smart functions: automatic locking and unlocking, configurable with the I LOCK IT app, 110 dB anti-theft alarm, emergency opening by color code and more smart features.

With the dynamic spoke avoidance system (DSA system), the smart alarm and the logbook, I LOCK IT+ represents another innovative step forward!

With I LOCK IT GPS the development goes to the next level of bicycle safety. Securing your bike remains comfortable as usual. Now you always know where your bike is. Save and uncomplicated – GPS tracking which secures your bike easily!

Automatic lock and unlock 🗹 🗹 🗹
Configurable with I LOCK IT app 🗹 🗹 🗹
Dynamic spoke avoidance system(DSA-system) 🗹 🗹 🗷
110 dB theft alert 🗹 🗹 🗹
Silent alarm 🗹 🗹 🗹
Smart alarm with pre-alert
(with 3D motion sensors)
🗹 🗹 🗷
Connected devices 🗹 🗹 🗹
Sharing with family|friends 🗹 🗹 🗹
Logbook 🗹 🗹 🗷
Emergency opening with colorcode 🗹 🗹 🗹
“Do not disturb” mode 🗹 🗹 🗹
Save position 🗹 🗹 🗹
Integrated GPS Live Tracking 🗷 🗹 🗷
Proximity positioning function 🗷 🗹 🗷
Acoustic signal function 🗷 🗹 🗷
Android widget 🗹 🗹 🗹
Control by Apple watch 🗹 🗹 🗹

Safety equipment:

The practical safety accessory can be used with I LOCK IT classic, I LOCK IT+ and I LOCK IT GPS. The plug-in cable and the plug-in chain both protect your bike when it is parked longer.

When using the hand-held transmitter, make sure that the correct one is selected. The key fob+ is specially adapted to I LOCK IT+ and I LOCK IT GPS and ensures the perfect connection – for the first time simultaneously with your smartphone! The key fob classic on the other hand allows convenient use of I LOCK IT classic without a smartphone.

Plug-in cable 🗹 🗹 🗹
Plug-in chain 🗹 🗹 🗹
Key fob classic 🗷 🗷 🗹
Key fob+ 🗹 🗹 🗷

Have you found your I LOCK IT?

The functionality of I LOCK IT classic offers a wide range of smart features that make cycling more enjoyable and safer. With the further development of the classic I LOCK IT, there is also the opportunity to enjoy even more comfort with I LOCK IT+:

  • The dynamic spoke avoidance system ensures a relaxed finish without manual correction of the bicycle spokes
  • The smart alarm knows when it is time to trigger the theft alarm
  • The new app feature logbook offers exciting insights
  • Simultaneous use of the key fob+ and smartphone saves time by switching between devices

I LOCK IT GPS is a complete security package. The smart bike lock makes your cycling life even more comfortable thanks to the automatic mode and the spoke avoidance system. The 110 dB loud smart alarm effectively deters bicycle thieves.

I LOCK IT GPS combines all the advantages of the I LOCK IT series and can do so much more. With the integrated GPS tracking, you always know exactly where your bike is from now on!

  • Live Tracking: Once the alarm is triggered by I LOCK IT GPS, you will be notified by your smartphone that your bike or e-bike is in danger. Immediately start the Live Tracking mode and with the I LOCK IT App you can see where your bike is currently located.
  • Your I LOCK IT regularly receives its current position via GPS and transmits it via the mobile network to your smartphone. This works with I LOCK IT GPS even across borders across Europe.
  • GPS technology has limitations in location accuracy. With the proximity detection function and the beep function, you can track your bike accurately.

There are still questions left? Please contact us. We are happy to answer and help you find your I LOCK IT!