E-bike insurance – uncomplicated and fast help

Modern insurance companies now offer comprehensive services for bike. What is already standard for cars and even mandatory (liability and comprehensive insurance), is also increasingly offered for cyclists.

Reasons that speak for an insurance:

  1. The bike was very expensive.
  2. You depend on the bike, every day.
  3. You live in a theft stronghold (for example Bremen or Berlin).

Bike insurance at a glance

Basically, there is the possibility to insure your e-bike within the home insurance or to secure it via an exclusive bicycle or e-bike insurance. Both has advantages and disadvantages that you should think about before it comes to a decision.

Bicycle insurance

A bicycle insurance basically protects the new value of an e-bike. In the contract are mostly damage from theft, damage, falling / falling, Material and design defects as well as wear included. Explicit e-bike Insurance also provides protection for electronics and electronics Moisture damage. As part of a worry-free package, you can also use a free pick-up service.

Household insurance

If you expand your household contents insurance, then the new value of the bicycle in the Total value of the household included. In general, the refers Theft protection, however, then on e.g. E-bikes included in the bicycle cellar and not if it is properly, e.g. was connected at the station. The Electronics, etc. is usually excluded from the scope of insurance. In addition, the value of the refund does not reach the actual purchase price of the E-bikes.

In detail: bicycle insurance

An insurance for the bike or e-bike is worth especially if the value is over 500 euros. The scope of service varies depending on the insurance and what you are willing to spend annually. An individual adjustment of the insurance protection is a big plus for e-bike insurance. Theft protection is included in all insurances, in addition, vandalism damage can also be claimed.

E-bikes are very expensive to buy, therefore, bicycle insurance offers a so-called value guarantee: the total replacement value of the e-bikes will be refunded. But beware, the e-bike may not be older than a year when the contract is concluded. When it comes to repairs, some insurers work with authorized repairers. If it is important to you, then in any case ask if there is a free choice or if there is an authorized dealer. The night clause (in the time from 22 o’clock to 6 o’clock no liability for theft is taken over) does not exist with bicycle insurances, therefore you profit from a protection around the clock.

In detail: Household insurance

Home contents insurance is for many an all-rounder insurance. Bicycles are easily included in the portfolio. As an e-biker owner, however, you should look very carefully to see whether your current home insurance provides you with enough protection and damage coverage.

The costs are usually lower than with an additional e-bike insurance and The effort should also be lower, since no additional policy is needed. In addition, all bicycles are secured in the household with only one insurance – bicycle insurers do not currently offer.

Basically, the decision is the value of an e-bike. Because an expensive e-bike is to replace the complete value with insurance completed: Household insurance does in most cases not. A sample calculation: Your household contents are covered with 30,000 euros and the e-bike with 2 percent of the insured sum. Then your e-bike would be insured with only 600 euros. Presumably, the initial costs were significantly higher at > 2,000 euros.

More Disadvantages

  • Vandalism damage is not covered
  • Scope of services severely limited
  • Night time clause: limited protection between 10pm and 6am
  • Theft protection is only valid for locked rooms

What costs are to be expected?

Depending on the scope of the e-bike insurance, you pay between 180 and 300 euros per year.

If you expand your household contents insurance, you will incur approximately 50 euros per year. The costs vary regionally but very much: If you live in an area with high theft rate, then the insurance costs rise up to 350 euros per year.

The amount of the insurance premium always depends on the new value of the e-bike and the desired extent. You can use comparison calculators, which queries your individual needs and thus creates a real comparison of the offered e-bike insurance.

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