Easy installation in a few steps

The installation of I LOCK IT on your bike is very easy and it is done in just a few minutes.

I LOCK IT is a frame lock and is firmly fixed to the bicycle frame. So you always have I LOCK IT with you and your bike is always secure!

Mounting on the bike

  1. Check if there are matching locating holes on the frame braces of the rear wheel. If not, use the installation adapter+.
  2. Screw the flex adapters into the mounting holes.
  3. Place I LOCK IT on the back wheel of your bike so you can attach the screws to the flex adapters.
  4. Secure the screws and I LOCK IT is installed on your bike.

Will I LOCK IT fit on your bike?

Bikes are just as different as their owners. Trekking, City or E-Bikes come in different forms and shapes. That’s why we developed I LOCK IT to fit most of the many different bikes but unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that it will fit all of them.

For the mounting of I LOCK IT GPS and I LOCK IT+ the measurements of the back wheel rim and the thickness of the tire are important.

With our fitting check you find out easily if I LOCK IT fits on your bike!

Fitting check

1. Width of the tire


Are the tires of your bike thinner than 64 mm|2.5 inch?

I LOCK IT is compatible with all bicycle tires less than 64 mm wide.


Easy check if I LOCK IT fits your bike.

If you are not sure about the measurements you can download a model of the lock. Simply print this model in 1:1 and hold it on your bike to see if I LOCK IT will fit.

I LOCK IT fits, but your bike has no mounting openings?

Many bikes and e-bikes already have mounting openings for the easy installation of wheel locks like I LOCK IT. Since there is no standard specification for those mounting openings it is still possible that I LOCK IT won’t fit.

To make sure it will fit simply use the model from above.

If your bike doesn’t have any mounting options or I LOCK IT doesn’t fit on the ones mounting openings which are there you can simply install I LOCK IT with the help of installation adapters+.

The installation adapters+ for the easy mounting of I LOCK IT+ and I LOCK IT GPS can be ordered in our onlineshop.

Mounting on the bike with installation adapter+

  1. With the installation adapter+ it is also possible to mount I LOCK IT on slightly too wide or small bike frames. Place the installation adapter+ around the bike frame and fix them loosely at first.
  2. Screw the flex adapters into the mounting holes of the installation adapters+.
  3. Place I LOCK IT on the back wheel of your bike so you can attach the screws to the flex adapters.
  4. Secure the screws. Then you can fix the installation adapters+ and remove the overhanging plastic bands.