E-Bike Lock: Security through high-quality theft protection

With the right e-bike Lock you have a much safer feeling. You have spent a lot of money and would like to keep your e-bike for a long time.

Which bicke lock is the best for your E bike? Why not spend a lot of money on theft protection when your e-bike has cost € 2,000 or more?

Experts recommend investing up to 15% of the bike’s new price in safety.

  • Facts why you need a secure e-bike lock
  • I LOCK IT e-bike lock
  • Guide: A bike lock for your e-bike –
    These types exist
  • Innovativ e-bike locks
  • How much does an e-bike Lock cost?
  • E-bike lock alone is not everything:
    Safety tips and taboos:

Facts why you need a safe e-bike lock

  1. In 2017, 300,000 bikes were stolen.
  2. The police clearance rate is negligible (2017: 12,000 bikes).
  3. Unfortunately, there is little hope to ever get your e-bike back.
  4. The new purchase of an e-bike will usually be much more expensive than securing your existing reliable.
  5. Bike theft is becoming more and more professional. Even the well-secured cellar is no barrier for professional thieves.
  6. Opportunity makes thieves: Apparently bad or not secured bikes lure theft.

I LOCK IT e-bike lock

I LOCK IT is the e-bike optimized lock. Permanently mounted on the rear wheel, it is always there and secures your e-bike even on shortstops. For the longer parking, there are safety accessories such as a plug-in chain.

Das E Bike Schloss I LOCK IT:

  • Works completely keyless
  • Automatically closes for you and opens as you return
  • Has a 110 dB loud alarm triggered by intelligent motion sensors
  • Is extremely comfortable in its operation
  • Is Made in Germany

Guide: A bike lock for your e-bike – These types exist

Surely you are aware that a bike lock for an e-bike is a necessary must for more safety. Have you ever considered which material properties, functions and comfort aspects are necessary for optimal protection? Heavy locks that can be cumbersome attached and locked (e.g., folding lock) or one that is fixedly mounted to the rear wheel (e.g., frame lock)?

Basically, there are five types of bike locks for e-bikes:


To close the massive steel strap is inserted into the counterpart. To meet different security requirements, the U-lock is available in different sizes and thicknesses.


Chain locks weigh up to five kilograms. They offer a good theft protection at a moderate price. A chain lock is flexible and available in different lengths.

Frame locks

The frame lock is a self-contained system in which a curved bracket travels from one side between the spokes through the rear wheel to the other side. The bracket prevents the rear wheel from turning, which prevents it from rolling away or driving.

Cable locks

A cable lock Is a steel cable that is encased in plastic. Typical is a small diameter and, consequently, the low degree of safety against bicycle theft.

Folding locks

The folding lock has a design that resembles a folding rule. It consists of fixed links that can be folded together using movable joints.

Innovative e-bike locks

Bike thieves are becoming more and more professional and reckless. A classic securing of the e-bike, therefore, carries the risk that your bike is quickly targeted as a new target. In addition, bicycle thieves often specialize in a particular design, so that two different types of locks, such as Chain lock and frame lock, significantly increase the safety of your e-bike.

Innovations in the bicycle market increase fun, safety, and comfort. But especially with e-bike locks, a lot of new things have not happened for a long time. Now the connection of a bike lock for e-bikes to the smartphone is a big trend.

⮩ E-bike alarm system

With an e-bike alarm system, the surprise effect of a loud alarm is used. You have the opportunity to easily retrofit this with your e-bike. As an alternative to the alarm system, there are e-bike locks that already have an integrated alarm, such as I LOCK IT.

E-Bike Alarm Systems instantly alert you to your smartphone when a thief steals your e-bike. This is very useful if you do not have your e-bike in sight. It is, therefore, worthwhile to take a closer look.

⮩ Bluetooth bike lock for e-bikes with an app connection

Bluetooth bike locks offer the great potential to monitor your bike much more reliably. Mechanical protection is meaningfully extended by intelligent digital solutions.

⮩ GPS at e-bike locks

If an alarm does not effectively prevent theft, then an e-bike GPS tracker offers a way to determine the current location of your e-bike. The way to attach them to your e-bike varies: implemented in a fixed frame lock, a taillight or hidden in the seat post.

⮩ Bike App

With bike apps against theft, a new exciting field opens up to better keep track of your daily companion. Most tracking and alarm apps can be found in the corresponding app stores. In addition, there are many more ways to control your e-bike or bike lock with an app.

How much does an e-bike lock cost?

In general, the cost of an e-bike is very high, so you should definitely consider a high-quality e-bike lock. The ADFC recommends a guideline of 10% of the price of the e-bike. Bike locks must have a minimum purchase price of 49 euros for some insurance. Good e-bike locks for shortstops start at about 30 euros.

E-bike lock with key30 – 120 Euro
E-bike lock with smartphone50 – 150 Euro
E-bike alarm system50 – 150 Euro

It is important that you consider which e-bike Lock concept meets your safety requirements so that you can leave your e-bike for a longer period of time with a clear conscience.

E-bike locks alone is not everything: safety tips and taboos:

Vary the locations regularlyLeaving the key attached
Pick well-lit spots with high trafficDo not take the battery and display of the e-bike with you during a long absence
Position the e-bike lock as high and narrow as possibleSave on the e-bike lock price
On the move: Choose a seat where you can keep an eye on the e-bikeNot locking for short stops

In addition, we spoke with an expert from the police and can give you these valuable tips for the safety of your e-bike:

I LOCK IT: How should you lock your e-bike?
Mr. Fuchs: Do not lock your bike in “dead” areas where offenders can act undetected. Connect with other objects. Use multiple locking variants.

I LOCK IT: How much does a safe e-bike lock cost?
Mr. Fuchs: The price is not relevant. It is important that all security requirements are adequately covered. The quality of the materials is therefore much more important than a high price. The discovery risk must be as high as possible. The longer it takes to overcome the e-bike lock, the sooner the offender will break off his theft.

I LOCK IT: Bluetooth bike locks are currently conquering the market, how do you assess the safety of these new locks?
Mr. Fuchs: Automated locking is a convenient solution because then the protection is given especially for short errands. Additional an acoustic signal, which is audible nearby – and you have installed additional security on your bike.

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