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Bicycle security does not have to be exhausting! You control I LOCK IT conveniently via smartphone, the locking bar locks your bike on your command by remote control and fully motorized. If someone tries to tamper with your bike, the 110 dB loud alarm goes off and puts bike thieves to flight.

And with the practical accessories you can cleverly expand your I LOCK IT. Turn your smart bike lock into an all-rounder that is tailored to your needs.

I LOCK IT das smarte Fahrradschloss
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Smart bike lock with patented technology

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Over 10.000 satisfied I LOCK IT customers

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4.4 stars for the I LOCK IT app in the App Store

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4.2 stars for the I LOCK IT app in the Google Play Store

I LOCK IT - Jetzt Zusatzprodukte sichern - Mit der Einsteckkette das Fahrrad fest am Fahrradständer anschließen.

Expand your I LOCK IT for even more security for your bike.

The practical plug-in chain for everyday use

Depending on the situation, you sometimes need to pay more attention to securing your bike. Especially if you have to park your bike for a longer period of time in particularly vulnerable places. At train stations, hidden side streets or even overnight is a preferred area for bike thieves.

With the I LOCK IT plug-in chain, you can easily secure your bike firmly to a bike stand. The chain is simply connected to I LOCK IT and offers even more security against thieves.

You can use the plug-in chain according to your individual needs and thus increase the theft protection. At the same time, you don’t miss out on keyless convenience!

The I LOCK IT insertion chain works easily, quickly and completely without keys:

  • Place the chain around a bike stand

  • Pull the plug through the loop and insert it into I LOCK IT

  • Lock I LOCK IT as usual

Your bike will be even better protected by the additional security and can no longer be carried away.

I LOCK IT - Jetzt Zusatzprodukte sichern - Mit der Einsteckkette das Fahrrad fest am Fahrradständer anschließen.
I LOCK IT - Jetzt Zusatzprodukte sichern - Handsender, Einsteckkabel, Tex-Lock oder Einsteckkette sind praktisches Zubehör für mehr Sicherheit.

Extra security for your e-bike or bike

Discover the advantages of I LOCK IT safety accessories.

When you are out for longer periods of time, lock your bike securely to a bike stand and protect it from being carried away. You can choose between the tuck-in cable, the tuck-in chain or the tuck-in rope exclusively from tex-lock.

You are looking for an alternative to the smartphone? Then the key fob is just right for you! With the key fob, you can open and close your I LOCK IT simply by pressing a button – just like you do with your car.

The I LOCK IT security accessories

  • Locks your bike securely to a bike stand
  • Comfortable as usual: simple, fast and keyless
  • Flexible use for even more security

The I LOCK IT key fob

  • More convenience: Operate I LOCK IT by remote control
  • Leave your smartphone at home
  • Simple operation, also very popular with children

What our customers say

» Sophisticated Bluetooth lock with good alarm system. The lock is really mature and fun. «


» I do not want to miss the product in everyday life anymore. «

Apple Store

» Simply practical. Ideal for quick shopping or something like that. I just go away, bike is safe. I come back, get on the bike and go on. «


» Finally a clever alternative to the heavy, unwieldy locks. «

Ve Rena
Google Play

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