GPS Tracking

With bike thieves becoming more and more professional the risk of getting your bike stole is still very high, no matter how good you secured it. With I LOCK IT GPS you will always know where your bike currently is.

Once the alarm is triggered by I LOCK IT GPS, you will be notified by your smartphone that your bike or e-bike is in danger.

The live tracking mode is started immediately and with the I LOCK IT app you can see where your bike is currently located.

I LOCK IT GPS has a built-in SIM card with a data plan that is free for you for 2 years. After 2 years the tariff can be extended for 3 € per month. There is no binding contract for you.

The GPS Tracking with I LOCK IT works in the following marked countries:

GPS live tracking

If an alarm gets set off and your bike is being moved, then the live tracking mode is started. With this mode you can view in the I LOCK IT App where you bike currently is.

Your I LOCK IT GPS constantly receives via GPS its current location and sends it through the mobile network to your smartphone. This works with I LOCK IT GPS across borders all over Europe.

Proximity positioning function

The GPS technology also has its limits. The accuracy of the location tracking can vary from 10 – 100 meters. To find your bike for example in a large area with many bike racks you can use the proximity positioning feature.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection your I LOCK IT App will let you know if you are moving closer to your bike or if you are on the wrong tracks.

Acoustic signal function

You have reached the location of your bike but can’t see it anywhere? Use the acoustic signal function with the I LOCK IT App. This will prompt I LOCK IT GPS to set off a 110 db loud acoustic signal. No matter if your bike is behind a wall or hidden in a basement, you will hear it!