Keyless Cycle – Bluetooth bike lock control

We want to beautify your bike life. Without daily key search is only the beginning!

Cycle keyless into the future.


The I LOCK IT App turns your smartphone into the digital key to your bike lock and does not even have to be taken out of your pocket. The communication between your smartphone and I LOCK IT takes place via Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) technology.

This energy-saving Bluetooth technology is supported by all new Android and Apple smartphones and is also characterized by a high level of security.

The Bluetooth-controlled bicycle lock sets new standards in bicycle safety.

How does it work?

Simply connect your I LOCK IT with the I LOCK IT App. If I LOCK IT is set up once in the app, you can control and configure the lock via Bluetooth. As soon as you are in the vicinity, I LOCK IT always connects itself to your smartphone. The I LOCK IT App only has to be started once.

The I LOCK IT app is compatible with iPhones version 4S and with Android devices version 4.4 or higher.

Always connected with the I LOCK IT app extension for the Apple Watch

iPhone users can control I LOCK IT with the Apple Watch. If the I LOCK IT app is already installed on the iPhone, the extension is automatically transferred to the Apple Watch. To use the features, there must be a Bluetooth connection between iPhone and Apple Watch. The I LOCK IT extension works from the update watchOS 4.3.

The I LOCK IT key fob

If you do not have your smartphone with you for the ride, then simply take the I LOCK IT key fob with you. The control of I LOCK IT is possible in addition to the smartphone app with the I LOCK IT key fob.

This small key fob allows comfortable and reliable control of your bike lock. 

Exklusive for I LOCK IT+ and I LOCK IT GPS

When using the key fob, make sure that the correct one is selected. The key fob+ is specially adapted to I LOCK IT+ and I LOCK IT GPS and ensures the perfect connection – for the first time simultaneously with the smartphone! The key fob classic on the other hand allows convenient use of I LOCK IT classic without a smartphone.

Key fob classic

The key fob classic has various settings that can be configured via the I LOCK IT app. Either he behaves quite simply like a car key and opens and closes I LOCK IT classic with the push of a button. Or it is used in automatic mode and automatically opens and closes I LOCK IT classic according to the distance.

Key fob+

The key fob+ enables the simultaneous operation of smartphone and key fob+. It does not have to be decided, whether or not. The key fob+ is operated by pressing a button. This is where I LOCK IT+ opens and closes.

Advantages of using a Bluetooth connection for the smartphone or key fob

 Bluetooth LE is specially developed for mobile devices

 It is an established and widely used technology

 The energy consumption is very low

 High security connection