Smart Lock: The automatic mode of I LOCK IT

The electronic bicycle lock I LOCK IT has a worldwide unique automatic mode. This ensures that your bike is always protected. Without effort!

With the automatic function, you never open and close your bike again by yourself. In the future, with I LOCK IT you will have a bicycle lock, which will do it by itself. The intelligent bike lock connects you to your bike and thus offers maximum comfort.

Automatic unlocking

The unlock function of I LOCK IT is controlled via the I LOCK IT app. The smartphone automatically connects to your I LOCK IT as soon as you are within reach. For this purpose, the app uses the energy-saving Bluetooth low energy technology of your smartphone.

If you are in the immediate vicinity of your bike, I LOCK IT will unlock it for you.

The automatic unlocking distance can be configured to different distances via the I LOCK IT app.

For the automatic unlocking to work, the I LOCK IT app must be started on your smartphone. Afterwards, it will continue in the background and do everything else for you.

Automatic locking

After the ride I LOCK IT protects your bike against theft: safe and comfortable.

For this purpose, the distance between smartphone and I LOCK IT is analyzed. If you are far enough away, I LOCK IT will close automatically.

The automatic close distance can also be configured via the I LOCK IT App.

In addition to the distance, I LOCK IT also rates the movement of your bike through integrated 3D motion sensors. These check in all directions whether the bike is moving or not. This ensures that I LOCK IT completes exactly when you want it.

If the Bluetooth connection to your smartphone is lost while driving, for example because your smartphone battery goes flat, then I LOCK IT will notice this. At your next stop the intelligent bike lock will inform you acoustically about the missing connection. You can then easily lock by pressing the button on your I LOCK IT.

This innovative and smart function makes your bike life more comfortable and secures your bike just as reliably against theft.