Bicycle safety is taking on a new dimension with innovative Smart Lock functions. An electronic bike lock is the perfect solution. Your everyday cycling life will be more convenient - because you no longer have to search for keys. Your bike becomes a smart bike and is more reliably protected against theft - technologies are linked, new security functions are created.
A smart bicycle lock is trendy. We will show you which electronic functions make your Smart Lock bicycle lock more convenient and secure.

Mann mit Smartphone und Fahrrad

Smart Lock: Close independently and open without a key

Smart Lock - An electronic bicycle lock does not require the conventional key. By connecting to a smartphone app, the digital bike lock opens and closes. This is done either manually by pressing a button on the smartphone or directly on the lock, or fully automatically without any further action. As if by magic, so to speak. Behind this is usually the Bluetooth technology, which connects the smart bicycle lock and your smartphone reliably and in some cases without contact. This is how you turn your bike into a smart bike!

With numerous setting options in an associated app, you can, for example, adjust the distance for opening and closing and when an automatic process should take place. Gain the maximum comfort ideal for your everyday life.

This convenient and keyless Smart Lock solution like cars is a relief for every cyclist. By controlling the smart bike lock via app on your smartphone, you always have your digital key with you and, depending on the lock model, you don't even have to take it out of your pocket. One or more keys stuck in your jacket pocket are a thing of the past. Several bicycle locks can often be controlled with one app, so that all security devices can be operated with one device.

Alarm by integrated motion sensors

Another really useful extension for an electronic bike lock are alarm systems that are built directly into the bike lock. With an alarm, your smart bike is intelligently protected against thieves. The surprise effect and the high volume of the alarm interrupt thieves from your plans.

In addition, you will receive an instant notification on your smartphone about the attempted theft. This way you are always informed in real time and don't have to worry as much about your bike. If it is a false alarm, there are usually different ways to end it: directly on the lock or by controlling it on your smartphone. Smart motion sensors are used to reduce the false alarm rate.

Some of the smart bicycle locks then distinguish between a real attempted theft due to persistent vibrations and minor impacts, for example from a ball. This smart lock function helps to draw the attention of passers-by to a real attempted theft and you will only be informed in an emergency.

Smart Bike Lock: Locate your bike with tracking

GPS solutions are well suited for bike lovers with high safety requirements. If a GPS tracker is installed directly in the Smart Lock frame lock, for example, there is a very high probability that it will not be recognized by the thief and will therefore not be removed.

The location accuracy for a stolen bike is between one and ten meters. However, the quality, battery performance and range of functions still vary greatly, so it is worth comparing before buying.

Discover the I LOCK IT GPS solution with integrated GPS tracking now. This is how you track the position of your bike live in the event of theft.

Bringing mechanical and electronic security together

In addition, mechanical protection must not take a back seat. The selection of materials, such as hardened steel and robust plastics, meet the same high security criteria for the smart bike lock as for its classic representatives.

Therefore, pay attention to high-quality materials when you buy a smart bike lock. The Smart Lock functions such as the alarm, GPS tracking or automatic mode serve as additional protection and increase convenience.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the battery performance. The more functions a smart bike lock has installed, the higher the demands on battery performance. Many Smart Lock functions also consume a correspondingly large amount of energy. In order not to forfeit any comfort, pay attention to long battery life and energy-saving options.

Upgrade your bike or e-bike with a digital, electronic bike lock because it increases the protection for your bike.

Thieves not only have to overcome the mechanical protection, but also the electronic protection: alarm systems, GPS trackers and smart networked devices on the smart bike make it almost impossible for thieves!

The bicycle lock I LOCK IT combines many of these smart lock functions and is designed for the highest security requirements.