Public funding

haveltec GmbH is funded by the investment bank of the state of Brandenburg with funds from the European Union. The investment for the development of our electronic bicycle lock is funded by the funding program "Foundation Innovativ" and "Brandenburg Innovation Specialists" with around 115,000 euros.

With the help of the "Foundation Innovativ" program, the co-development and testing of subsystems from I LOCK IT, as well as the acquisition of software licenses for CAD and CAE systems is promoted.
The "Brandenburg Innovation Specialists" program co-finances the employment of two working students in the field of product development for the innovation project I LOCK IT.

Brandenburger haveltec GmbH stands for the development and design of autonomous, intelligent systems and processes. Technology should support people and not burden them additionally. At this point, haveltec intervenes and pushes the technology out of the people's field of activity into the background. The current project is the development of an independently opening and locking bicycle lock I LOCK IT with the aim of marketing it.

I LOCK IT is a product concept from haveltec GmbH.
I LOCK IT is a new security system that is permanently attached to the bike. The basic principle is the automatic and safe recognition of the user and his distance from the bike. If the user leaves a defined area around the wheel, I LOCK IT automatically locks the rear wheel. If the user enters this defined area again, the lock is opened automatically. I LOCK IT is therefore able to secure and unlock the bike without any manual operation.

I LOCK IT is intended to make cycling in urban areas more comfortable thanks to its innovative function and at the same time increase protection against theft. In this way, I LOCK IT can contribute to making cycling more attractive to people as an alternative, environmentally friendly and economically sensible mobility principle. This has a lasting positive effect on switching to cycling in everyday life.