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For your security. For your bike.

Whether in the city or in the country – I LOCK IT ensures that your bike stays with you.

You enjoy the ride, I LOCK IT does the rest.


For your security.

For your bike.

Whether in the city or in the country – I LOCK IT ensures that your bike stays with you.

You enjoy the ride, I LOCK IT does the rest.


Winner of the EUROBIKE Gold Award 2019

Smart bike lock with patented technology

Over 8.000 satisfied I LOCK IT customers

4.4 stars for the I LOCK IT app in the App Store

4.2 stars for the I LOCK IT app in the Google Play Store

What our customers say

» Sophisticated Bluetooth lock with good alarm system. The lock is really mature and fun. «



» I do not want to miss the product in everyday life anymore. «


Apple Store

» Simply practical. Ideal for quick shopping or something like that. I just go away, bike is safe. I come back, get on the bike and go on. «



» Finally a clever alternative to the heavy, unwieldy locks. «

Ve Rena

Google Play

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Frequently asked questions

How secure is I LOCK IT?

I LOCK IT offers a multilevel security, which is worldwide unique. Robust materials and a though locking bolt are complemented by an integrated alarm system and theft notifications to your smartphone. This increases the security immense.

How does the automatic locking and unlocking work?

I LOCK IT communicates via Bluetooth with your smartphone and uses the connection to control the automatic locking and unlocking. If you approach your bike I LOCK IT will unlock automatically and once you leave your bike it will lock it again.

How do I unlock I LOCK IT when my smartphone battery is empty?

I LOCK IT offers several possibilities for locking and unlocking. Therefore, an empty smartphone battery is no problem. In this case you can open I LOCK IT with your personal color code. Also, the I LOCK IT key fob offers the possibility to control I LOCK IT without a smartphone but with the same comfort.

How does I LOCK IT protect my bike against someone carrying it away?

In case of a theft attempt I LOCK IT sets off a loud alarm. This raises the attention of passersby and scares the thieve away. Additionally, you will immediately receive a theft notification on your smartphone.

How long does the I LOCK IT battery last?

The integrated rechargeable battery lasts up to seven months. When the battery is running low, I LOCK IT and the I LOCK IT App will inform you ahead of time. You can then easily recharge I LOCK IT through the integrated micro-USB port, for example with a powerbank.

Will I LOCK IT fit my bike?

If I LOCK IT will fit your bike, you can check out our fitting page and download a model of I LOCK IT. You will get additional information about how to mount I LOCK IT on your bike and what you can do if your bike does not offer the mounting points.

Is my smartphone compatible with I LOCK IT?

I LOCK IT is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Phones with Windows operating system are not supported by I LOCK IT.

iOS: I LOCK IT is compatible with Apple iOS operating systems version 9.3.5 or higher

  • iPhone 5
  • Apple Watch watchOS 4.3.
  • Android: I LOCK IT is compatible with Android devices from version 5 and with Bluetooth Low Energy. The following devices have been tested by us and are fully compatible with I LOCK IT:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus
  • Nexus 5x
  • Huawei P8 Lite 2017
  • Huawei P20
  • Honor 20
  • Motorola Moto G7
  • Many other Android devices are also compatible with I LOCK IT but have not been tested by us. In some rare cases, depending on the smartphone there may be restrictions in the usage.