Modern insurance companies now offer comprehensive services for your own bike because bike and e-bike insurance is becoming increasingly important for cyclists. What has long been the standard and even mandatory for cars (liability and comprehensive insurance) is also increasingly being offered for cyclists.

E-bikes are in vogue: With electronic support, tours can be covered faster and more comfortably. In the beginning, e-bikes still had the cliché of the boring means of transport for seniors, but that's definitely over now! Electric bicycles are becoming more and more modern and sporty and can be used for all kinds of needs in everyday life and on vacation.

E-bikes are an expensive investment that you should definitely protect adequately. Electric bikes are a popular target for bike theft, which is why a secure bike lock is essential. You should also think about e-bike insurance so that you do not suffer a high financial loss in the event of theft.

Reasons in favor of e-bike insurance:

  • The bike was very expensive.
  • In everyday life you are dependent on the bicycle.
  • You live in a stronghold of theft (e.g. Bremen or Berlin).
Mann und Frau mit Fahrradhelm und E-Bike am Wasser

The difference between e-bikes and pedelecs

Misunderstandings can easily arise between the terms e-bike and pedelec. In practice, the use of these terms is often not clearly separated. In particular, “pedelec” is not defined in the law. For example, there are no clear descriptions for the term “e-bike” in registration law.

The terms “pedelec” and “e-bike” are mostly used interchangeably for electronic bicycles with an assistive drive. But it is important that you know exactly which category your bike belongs to. The reason for this is that different rules apply! The type of drive decides which legal regulations apply and whether e-bike insurance is suitable for you.

  • Pedelecs up to 25 km/h are usually treated like bicycles
  • At least one moped test certificate is required for some e-bikes
  • A helmet should always be worn

Pedelecs and e-bikes, which require motor vehicle liability insurance, are not part of the bicycle insurance policy. An additional partially comprehensive insurance can be useful for this - it protects against theft, among other things.

Pedelecs/e-bikes up to 25 km/h - supporting drive

A pedelec is a supportive electric bicycle . It is powered by the combination of muscle power and an assisting motor. This means that when you pedal, you are assisted by the built-in motor.

The motor may be equipped with a maximum rated continuous power of 250 watts. The assistance is reduced as the speed increases. From a speed of 25 km/h or if the driver stops pedaling beforehand, the support from the auxiliary motor is also interrupted. A starting or pushing aid up to 6 km/h is permitted.

As with cycling, no driver's license is required and there is no minimum age. You do not need an insurance number. Even if helmets are not compulsory , wearing a bicycle helmet is strongly recommended. In addition, you can use all cycle paths as with a normal bicycle.

Pedelecs up to 45 km/h

Fast pedelecs up to 45 km/h fall into the category of motor vehicles that require their own insurance number plate.

You may only drive these two-wheelers if you are at least 16 years old and have an AM driving license. Please note that you are only allowed to use the road, cycle paths are taboo! As with motorcycling, a suitable helmet must be worn when using it.

E-Bikes - fully motorized drive

These bicycles are considered mopeds , for which a suitable helmet for motorcycles is mandatory. In addition, an insurance number is required. Cycle paths are also taboo here. You are only allowed to drive on the road.

Bicycle and e-bike insurance at a glance

Basically, there is the possibility of insuring your e-bike within the household contents insurance or with an exclusive bicycle insurance or e-bike insurance. Since most cyclists usually cover their bikes with their household contents insurance anyway, the question arises as to whether additional insurance is necessary at all.

Both have pros and cons that you should think about before making a decision. The various aspects are summarized briefly and concisely below.

Bicycle insurance and e-bike insurance

A bicycle insurance basically secures the replacement value of an e-bike . The policy usually includes damage caused by theft, damage, falling down / falls, material and construction defects and wear and tear. Explicit e-bike insurance policies also offer protection against electronic and moisture damage. As part of an all-round carefree package, you can also be "towed away" (pick-up service).

Household insurance

If you extend your household contents insurance, the new value of the bicycle will be included in the total value of the household contents . As a rule, however, theft protection then refers to e-bikes locked in the bicycle cellar, for example, and not if they have been properly connected to the station, for example. The electronics etc. are usually also excluded from the scope of insurance. In addition, the value of the reimbursement does not reach the actual purchase price of the e-bike.

In detail: bicycle insurance

Insurance for the bicycle or e-bike is particularly worthwhile if the value is over 500 euros. The scope of benefits varies depending on the insurance company and what you are willing to spend annually. An individual adjustment of the insurance cover is a big plus for e-bike insurance. Theft protection is included in all insurance policies, and claims can also be made for damage caused by vandalism.

E-bikes are very expensive to buy, so bicycle insurance companies offer a so-called value guarantee : the entire new value of the e-bike is reimbursed. But be careful, the e-bike must not be more than one year old when the contract is concluded. When it comes to repairs, some insurers work together with authorized workshops. If it is important to you, then by all means ask whether there is a free choice or whether there is an authorized dealer. The night clause (no liability for theft is assumed between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.) does not apply to bicycle insurance, so you benefit from round-the-clock protection.

In detail: household contents insurance as e-bike insurance

Household contents insurance is an all-rounder insurance for many. Bicycles can easily be included in the portfolio. However, as an e-bike owner, you should take a very close look to see whether your current household contents insurance offers you sufficient protection and damage coverage.

The costs are usually lower than with additional e-bike insurance and the effort should also be lower because no additional policy is required. In addition, all bicycles in the household are covered by just one insurance policy – ​​bicycle insurance currently does not offer this.

In principle, however, the decision stands and falls with the value of an e-bike. Because an expensive e-bike should also replace the entire value if insurance is taken out: in most cases, household contents insurance does not do that. An example calculation: your household contents are insured with 30,000 euros and the e-bike with 2 percent of the sum insured. Then your e-bike would be insured for only 600 euros. The acquisition costs were probably significantly higher at > 2,000 euros.

Other disadvantages

  • Vandalism damage is not covered
  • scope of services severely limited
  • Night time clause: limited protection between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m
  • Theft protection only applies to locked rooms

What costs can be expected?

With e-bike insurance, you pay between 180 euros and 300 euros a year, depending on the scope.

If you expand your household contents insurance, you will incur around 50 euros a year. However, the costs vary greatly from region to region: If you live in an area with a high theft rate, then the insurance costs will also increase by up to 350 euros per year.

The amount of the insurance premium always depends on the new value of the e-bike and also on the desired scope. Use the comparison calculator that queries your individual needs and thus creates a real comparison of the e-bike insurance policies on offer.