Additional security for your I LOCK IT

I LOCK IT is constructed in such a way that multi-level security is possible.

This can be used according to individual needs and thus increases theft protection. Your bike is secured by the frame lock itself and the appropriate selection of materials. In addition, the integrated alarm system offers further reliable protection against thieves.

Do you prefer to lock your bike to a fixed object? Simply connect the I LOCK IT plug -in chain or the I LOCK IT plug -in cable to your I LOCK IT bike lock.

This works very easily, quickly and completely without a key:

1. Wrap the chain or cable around a fixed object

2. Pull the plug through the loop and plug it into I LOCK IT

3. Close I LOCK IT as usual

Your bike is protected even better by the additional security and can no longer be carried away.

The plug-in chain

The plug-in chain is 120 cm long and is made of hardened steel. Furthermore, the individual chain links have a diameter of 6 mm.

In addition, a cover made of polyester ensures a nice look and prevents scratches on your bike frame. With a weight of just under 1100 g, the plug -in chain is also easy to transport.

The plug-in cable

The plug-in cable is 110 cm long and consists of a stainless steel cable, which is protected by a plastic sheath. Thanks to the bracket supplied and the low weight of only 300 g, transporting the plug -in cable is particularly easy.

The bracket is mounted on the seat post, for example, and then the plug-in cable is attached to it with the Velcro fasteners.

  • Automatic opening

    As soon as you reach your bike, I LOCK IT will automatically unlock it for you. Just get on and off you go.

  • Keyless

    Never forget your key again!
    Use your smartphone to control I LOCK IT.

  • Alarm secured

    The integrated 110 dB alarm detects theft attempts and also has a pre-alarm.

  • I LOCK IT App

    With the I LOCK IT app, you can personalize your I LOCK IT to suit your individual needs.

  • DSA system

    The locking bolt simply moves past the spokes. No manual correction of the wheel necessary.

  • Expandable

    The additional chain|cable ensures even more safety when parked for longer periods.

  • Emergency opening

    Even if your smartphone battery is empty, you can easily open I LOCK IT with your personal color code.

  • Key fob

    The alternative to the smartphone: Open I LOCK IT conveniently at the touch of a button.

  • Secure

    I LOCK IT is a multi-level security system that protects your bike reliably and comfortably.

  • Battery life

    The capacity of the lithium ion battery supplies I LOCK IT for a whole cycling season.

  • Share

    With the I LOCK IT app you can easily share your bike with friends.

  • GPS Live Tracker

    If an alarm was triggered on your bike, the live tracking mode starts. You can track the position of your bike via the I LOCK IT app.

  • Proximity location function

    The I LOCK IT app tells you via Bluetooth connection whether you are approaching your bike or whether you are in the wrong lane.

  • Signal sound function

    With the I LOCK IT app, you can have I LOCK IT GPS emits a 110 dB signal tone and you are guaranteed to find your bike.