At first glance, I LOCK IT appears to be a complex bike lock with complicated functions. For this reason, we have summarized and answered the most frequently asked questions here.

Don't be put off by the complexity! I LOCK IT is much easier to use than you think. A smart bicycle lock is still a new achievement on the bicycle market. The new functions and their operation seem unfamiliar at first.
But if you get involved with I LOCK IT, you will quickly learn to appreciate the convenience.

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How secure is I LOCK IT?

I LOCK IT offers multi-level security that is unique in the world. Robust materials and a durable locking bolt are complemented by an integrated alarm and a theft notification on your smartphone. This increases security immensely.

How does the automatic opening work?

I LOCK IT communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth connection and thus controls the automatic opening. The smartphone can easily remain in your pocket. I LOCK IT opens automatically as soon as you approach your bike. Just get on and off you go.

How do I open I LOCK IT if my smartphone battery is empty?

I LOCK IT offers various opening and closing options, so that even an empty smartphone battery is not a problem. You can unlock I LOCK IT with your personal color code. In addition, the key fob offers control without a smartphone with the same level of convenience.

How does I LOCK IT protect my bike from being carried away?

In the event of an attempted theft, I LOCK IT triggers a loud alarm that draws the attention of passers-by and thus scares the thief away. You will also immediately receive a theft notification on your smartphone.

With I LOCK IT GPS you also have the option of tracking the location of your bike if it is moved.

How long does the I LOCK IT battery last?

The battery integrated in I LOCK IT lasts up to seven months. If the charge level is low, your I LOCK IT and the I LOCK IT app will inform you in good time. You can then simply recharge your I LOCK IT via the integrated USB-C port, for example with a power bank.

Does I LOCK IT fit my bike?

To check if I LOCK IT fits your bike, you can download a template from I LOCK IT on our assembly page. You will also receive further information on installing I LOCK IT on your bike, even if you do not have any mounting holes.

Is my smartphone compatible with I LOCK IT?

I LOCK IT is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

iOS: I LOCK IT is compatible with Apple iOS operating systems from version 10.3

from iPhone 5

Apple Watch from watchOS 4.3.

Android: I LOCK IT is compatible with Android devices from version 5.

Do you have more questions?

Feel free to contact us and we will answer your questions about I LOCK IT.