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Does I LOCK IT fit your bike?

Bikes are as different as their owners. With trekking, city or e-bikes, there are a variety of shapes and features. That's why I LOCK IT has been developed to be compatible with most models.

Simply test whether I LOCK IT GPS and I LOCK IT+ fits your bike or e-bike!

With our assembly check you can easily find out whether I LOCK IT fits your bike.

I LOCK IT Schablone


Are you unsure whether I LOCK IT fits your bicycle or e-bike?

Print out thetemplate in its original size and hold it up to your bike or e-bike.

Alternatively, you can simply order the template from us.

Order the I LOCK IT stencil for free
I LOCK IT Installationsadapter an Rad montiert

I LOCK IT fits, but you don't have any mounting brackets?

The I LOCK IT installation adapter+ enables the installation of I LOCK IT on bicycles and e-bikes without mounting fixtures.

I LOCK IT can also be installed using the installation adapter+ in the event that the mounting brackets on your bike are too close together or too far apart.

Use the I LOCK IT template to easily check whether your mounting brackets are compatible with I LOCK IT.

Order installation adapter+