Winter is over, the first warm days of spring lure us outside again. Just the right time to wake up the bike from hibernation.

With our tips you can prepare your I LOCK IT optimally for the first big bike tour of the season!

Full energy

The first recommendation is to check the battery level in order to get I LOCK IT back into operation after a long break. Completely charge the battery before the first ride.

Here you simply take the supplied micro-USB or magnetic charging cable and use a power bank or a plug-in power supply and socket for charging, depending on availability. A power bank is very handy if you don't have a power outlet near your bike. Because I LOCK IT does not have to be removed from the bike. After about 4 hours of charging, the red charge control lamp goes out and the battery is full.


spring cleaning

If there is still some dirt on the closing bracket, it can be removed with a cloth. To care for and maintain smooth movement, rub the hanger with a match-sized amount of adhesive grease.

Let I LOCK IT open and close several times, the excess fat will be removed again.

The housing of I LOCK IT can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth and freed from mud splashes and dust.

Can you still remember their color code?

You know, your personal color code , which you determined for I LOCK IT a long, long time ago. Ideally, you only need to use it extremely infrequently, so it's easy to forget the color code. But he is very important! Because it enables emergency opening , for example if your smartphone unexpectedly breaks.

It is also a practical insider tip in all cases: In the event that the battery in your smartphone is empty after a long bike tour, you do not have to leave your bike unsecured.

You can close I LOCK IT with a long press. And the subsequent opening without a smartphone works via your personal color code. This can be displayed in the app under Menu → Settings → my I LOCK IT.

Remind yourself of your personal color code and simply try out the input via the button. With this trial run you are wonderfully prepared in case of an emergency!

A look at the smartphone

But not only your I LOCK IT needs some attention, your smartphone should also be up to date. After all, your smartphone receives regular system updates and we also update our I LOCK IT app . A look at the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore can help to check the current I LOCK IT app version.

Also, especially on Android, you should double check the permissions for the app. The automatic opening of I LOCK IT only works reliably if the Bluetooth connection is allowed to be established in the background (i.e. when the I LOCK IT app is not actively open) between your smartphone and I LOCK IT.

Please check the following settings for this:

  • Access to Bluetooth
  • Access to location data (always)
  • Access to the data (for updates)
  • except from the power saving settings
  • entered in the autostart (here in particular Xiaomi and Huawei)

Got a new smartphone?

When you get a new smartphone, setting up the new device is a very simple thing these days. Your contacts, apps and photos are automatically transferred to the new smartphone. The I LOCK IT app is also immediately available on your new device. If you have already had this experience, you know that your new smartphone does not want to connect to I LOCK IT.

The reason is that a digital key is exchanged during the Bluetooth connection. This ensures that only your smartphone can control I LOCK IT. For security reasons , this key cannot be transferred when setting up a new smartphone.

A new smartphone must therefore be retrained to I LOCK IT!

This is a one-time procedure and after that you can use I LOCK IT as usual.

Teach new smartphone to I LOCK IT classic or I LOCK IT+

To do this, the I LOCK IT is closed with a long press of the button and opened with the personal color code. Immediately after opening, the button lights up green and indicates a successful opening process. Now the green illuminated button is pressed for about 2 seconds until it starts flashing blue. You can then follow the instructions in the app or go to 'Add I LOCK IT' in the app menu and re-teach I LOCK IT to the smartphone in this way.

Teach new smartphone to I LOCK IT GPS

With I LOCK IT GPS, it is sufficient to install the I LOCK IT app on the new smartphone and log in to the app. The connection data is then transferred to the new smartphone and I LOCK IT can be conveniently operated via the app again.

ilockit gps livetracking

Try GPS Live Tracking

With I LOCK IT GPS you can also check whether the GPS tracking works reliably in the event of theft . The best way to do this is to park your bike outside and lock the I LOCK IT GPS. Check in the app that the alarm is activated. Then simply switch off Bluetooth on the smartphone. The blue flashing button indicates that the connection between the smartphone and I LOCK IT GPS is broken.

Now play the bike thief and move your bike until the alarm goes off! The alarm lasts about 30 seconds and GPS tracking starts at the same time. If you don't want to scare your neighbors, you can also set the silent alarm in the app.

You will now receive a push notification via the I LOCK IT app directly on your smartphone, and an alarm message will also be sent to the email address stored in the app. After the push message and the e-mail have arrived, you can have the current position displayed under 'GPS tracking'.

In the upper right corner the display 'GPS offline' changes to 'GPS online' and the position of your bike is shown on the map. The position should not change in this example, because you are the bicycle thief yourself. As soon as you reconnect to I LOCK IT via Bluetooth, the GPS tracking is stopped. The tracking is also paused if no more movement is registered after a certain waiting time.

Please note: Depending on the environment, it may take some time before you receive current location data. In open terrain it is a little faster, in densely built-up cities the reception of the GPS coordinates is somewhat delayed.

To ask?

If you have any further questions after charging, updating the app and smartphone and testing GPS live tracking, our I LOCK IT service team will be happy to help you. You can easily reach us via our contact form.

Don't forget your bike

Your bike also needs your care and attention after a long winter. Before you swing into the saddle, you should first check the entire bike, including the technical accessories. Perfect technical functionality is particularly important for the following components:

  • lighting
  • tire pressure
  • wearing parts
  • bicycle chain
  • bicycle brake
  • bike lock
  • bicycle helmet

The lighting on most bikes is low-wear LED lighting at the front and rear, powered by a hub dymano, which fortunately requires little maintenance. You should check that the connector is correctly seated on the hub dynamo and that the contacts to the front and rear lights are tight and that the front lamp is correctly aligned.

The right tire pressure depends on the bike and the tires used. If you are unsure of the correct tire pressure, take a closer look at the tire. The minimum and maximum recommended pressure is printed on the side.
Whether you then fill the tire with more or less air depends on your personal driving experience. A high air pressure is recommended for bikes with suspension and mainly paved routes, a little less air pressure for bikes off the bike paths and bikes without suspension.

Fahrrad Kette ölen

Make your bike roadworthy

The bicycle chain should be freed from adhering dirt and supplied with chain oil. You should also check whether the circuit is set correctly. However, no other component is as important for driving safety as the brakes. Please note that in Germany every bicycle must be equipped with two independently acting brakes . This is a prerequisite for participating in road traffic. The following applies in particular to every bicycle brake: brake pads, brake discs and rims are wearing parts that must be checked and replaced regularly in order to keep the performance of your bicycle constant.

If you don't want to prepare your bike for spring on your own, you can find expert support in your trusted bicycle workshop.

The bicycle helmet also needs some attention: is it still on the head correctly and are the straps adjusted correctly? If the helmet is equipped with an integrated rear light, you should replace old batteries.

Can damage be seen from a fall? If so, the helmet should be replaced.

Haven't decided on I LOCK IT yet?

If you don't yet own an I LOCK IT, you shouldn't forget your classic bicycle lock either. For old models with a key, you should try out whether the lock moves easily and whether the lock is not damaged.

With this preparation, nothing stands in the way of a successful cycling season!

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We wish you lots of fun with your bike and a good start to the bike season. Ride carefully and safely!
Your I LOCK IT team