About the security levels of a bicycle lock:

Everyone knows it. You are proud of the purchase of your new bicycle. It conveys an unbeatable value, a feeling of mobility and freedom, which should be protected particularly well and to a high standard against break-in and theft. So you search on the internet or at the specialist dealer and come across the so-called security levels again and again.

But what is behind it? We at I LOCK IT explain.

In short:

So far, there is no standardised assignment of security levels that declare a lock to be secure per se. They rather serve as orientation.

The certificates of bicycle lock manufacturers only provide information on how secure the lock you have developed is. The variety of manufacturers and thus security levels is huge and makes it difficult for some to decide.

Comparing different manufacturers makes little sense, as each manufacturer has different internal evaluation standards. For some, the cylinder technology and shackle strength are important, for others, pure break-in security plays a role. For example, Abus has 15 security levels and Trelock "only" 6.
Others, on the other hand, level at 100.


the higher the level, the higher the security. Ah! But different for each manufacturer. Just between us: Level 101 is not the ultimate, because so far there is no lock that offers absolute security.

Which security level do you need?

You can find out with a short risk check.

  • Is your bike left unattended for a long time?
  • Is it in the higher price range?
  • Do you live in a big city?

Then the risk of potential theft is high and you should choose one of the higher security levels.

  • An open door may tempt a saint:

    With a smart bike lock, you can also control it conveniently via an app.

  • In case someone tampers with the bike:

    A lock with an alarm function prevents the door from being broken into.

  • If a thief does manage to take the bike:

    If a lock with integrated GPS tracker finds the bike again.

  • Forgotten the lock at home?

    Buy a practical frame lock.

There's something to be said for our products. However, we do not divide our smart bike locks into different security levels, as they offer comprehensive protection. We want to avoid confusion and ambiguity and leave it at the innovative features of the I LOCK IT GPS series.

See for yourself. We will be happy to advise you. But what does all this have to do with pot and lid? Well, it's quite simple. There is a suitable bicycle lock for every bicycle. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to find it.