Dynamic Spoke Avoidance System

When using frame locks, cyclists must always pay attention to the position of the bicycle spokes when parking the bicycle in order to be able to close safely. Every now and then a spoke gets in the way and has to be corrected manually.

The DSA-system in a nutshell:
 sharpened 8mm hardened steel bar
 flex adapter for more flexibility
 stronger motor to forcefully pass the stroke
 new electronic for more efficiency

With I LOCK IT+ this problem is a thing of the past

The dynamic spoke avoidance system (short: DSA-system) developed in Brandenburg an der Havel maximizes comfort. I LOCK IT+ implements the worldwide unique DSA-system. Disturbing spokes are no longer a problem. I LOCK IT+ closes reliably, and that without a manual correction of the bicycle spokes.

How does the DSA-system work?

At first glance, the sharpened steel bar can be identified, which passes the wheel spokes. But that alone is not yet the DSA-system. In the process of developing I LOCK IT+, the perfectly coordinated interaction of the sharpened steel bar, a stronger motor and the flex adapters was developed.

The DSA-system is characterized by increased performance in combination with flexible responsiveness.