I LOCK IT not only protects your bike but can also be adapted to your individual needs with the free I LOCK IT app.

You have the option of making numerous settings for I LOCK IT.

The I LOCK IT app ist available for free and it is compatible with iPhones version 4S and with Android devices version 4.4 or higher.

The functions of the I LOCK IT app:

Automatic mode

Activate or deactivate the automatic locking or unlocking according to your wishes. Configure the optimum distance for you in which I LOCK IT should open and close.


Create and change your personal color code to open your I LOCK IT without smartphone or key-fob.

Sharing: Furthermore, you can use the I LOCK IT App to create an additional color code which you can pass on to friends or family. You can change this color code at any time and deactivate it if necessary.


Give your I LOCK IT its own name. This is especially helpful if you have equipped several bikes with I LOCK IT.


Exclusive to I LOCK IT+

The Logbook, which works like a log, records all important events with the date and time:

  • Lock and unlock
  • Alarm
  • Close failed

An attempted theft during your absence will be shown to you later. If required, the recordings can be deactivated at any time. The information stores the app locally on your smartphone, so your data will always be with you.


Arm the alarm system and configure the sensitivity of the alarm. The 3D motion sensors react as desired with lesser or greater movement.

Exclusive to I LOCK IT+

Exclusive to I LOCK IT+ triggers a pre-alarm, should it be an accidental knocking.

The “silent alarm” feature also allows you to disable the audible alarm on your I LOCK IT while still receiving a message on your smartphone.


I LOCK IT has different sounds which you can activate and deactivate according to your wishes:

  • Unlocking sound (unlocking successful)
  • Locking sound (locking process starts)
  • Warning sound (empty battery level, unsuccessful locking or unlocking)


The I LOCK IT app provides you with regular updates that continuously extend and optimize the functionality of your I LOCK IT.

More features

  • Teach in key fob or another smartphone
  • Integrated help function

Always in conjunction with the I LOCK IT extension for the Apple Watch

iPhone users can controlI LOCK IT with the Apple Watch. If the I LOCK IT app is already installed on the iPhone, the extension is automatically transferred to the Apple Watch. To use the features, there must be a Bluetooth connection between iPhone and Apple Watch. The I LOCK IT extension works from the update watchOS 4.3.

Enjoy the benefits of one-hand operation with the Apple Watch, now for your I LOCK IT:

Lock and unlock

Manual control of I LOCK IT is possible from the wrist! This gives you always the possibility to query the current closing state.

Alarm Notification

An attempted theft? I LOCK IT informs you by notification on your Apple Watch! If everything is ok, you can also stop the alarm prematurely. Controlled by the Apple Watch.

Closing error message

If the steel bar hits a spoke or other obstacle, it will automatically return to the open position. I LOCK IT makes a sound and sends you a message on your Apple Watch.

“Do not disturb” Mode

Tap the “do not disturb” icon, the crescent moon, to enable or disable the feature. When the Do not disturb mode is turned on, the crescent moon in the status bar will turn orange. I LOCK IT then deactivates all sounds and the automatic mode.

Android-user with Smart Watch?

Also for you there are some functions that are already usable:

 Alarm notification in case of attempted theft and the possibility to turn it off if everything is ok.

 Close error message, if the closing process was not completed correctly.