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Maximum security for your bike

Available immediately! ✅ Delivery time 7-10 working days

GPS Tracking Service

Technical data

  • Size: 148mm x 150mm x 40mm
  • Max. Width of the tyre: 72mm
  • Weight: approx. 500g
  • Battery: 1,200mAH lithium-ion accu
  • Connections: USB-C charging port


  • Connectivity:
    - Bluetooth 5.1
    - GPRS 900 / 1800 MHz, GPS
  • Minimum system requirements: Android devices version 5 or higher and iOS devices iPhone 5 or higher

GPS tracking service

The I LOCK IT GPS tracking service includes the GPS tracking functionality in the I LOCK IT APP, the GPS tracking server and the data for the mobile phone connection. After 2 years, this tracking service can be extended for €2.90 per month. There is no contract obligation for you.


  • 1× I LOCK IT PRO
  • 1× Battery (installed in I LOCK IT PRO)
  • 1× USB-C charging cable
  • 1× Mounting material
  • 1× Operating instructions


I LOCK IT is a frame lock and is firmly attached to the bike frame. This means you always have I LOCK ITI LOCK IT with you and your bike is always secure!

Most bikes already have the appropriate mounting holes on the frame, to which I LOCK IT is attached using the fastening material supplied. If your bike does not have these mounts in the frame, you can still easily fit I LOCK IT using our installation adapters.

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I LOCK IT PRO - smart security for your bike

As a Smart Lock, I LOCK IT PRO combines all practical functions to protect your bike safely, effectively and conveniently against theft! A quality product developed and produced in Germany.

  • New design made from high-quality metal
  • GPS live tracking in the event of theft
  • 110dB loud alarm system with pre-alarm
  • Integrated dynamic spoke avoidance system
  • Keyless control with smartphone

The new housing of I LOCK IT PRO is made of high-quality metal, which not only gives it a modern and appealing look, but also ensures a robust and durable construction. The metal housing offers additional protection against external influences such as knocks, scratches and weathering and can also withstand wilful damage and vandalism. It is therefore ideal for reliably protecting your bike or e-bike against theft. In addition, the new elegant design of the I LOCK IT PRO metal housing gives it a high-quality look that perfectly matches your e-bike or bicycle. Locking and unlocking I LOCK IT PRO is completely keyless! The free I LOCK IT app allows you to conveniently control the lock. Spokes in the way are no problem. Thanks to the integrated and space-saving dynamic spoke avoidance system, the locking bar moves past every spoke. The integrated battery has enough power for a cycling season and warns you in good time via the I LOCK IT app when the charge level is low. And if your smartphone battery runs out, you can simply unlock I LOCK IT with your personal colour code.

  • Comfortable

    I LOCK IT can be easily opened or closed using an app, button or key fob.

  • Secure

    A hardened steel locking bolt and integrated theft alarm ensure a high level of security.

  • GPS live tracker

    If an alarm was triggered on your bike, the live tracking mode starts. You can track the position of your bike via the I LOCK IT app.

  • Keyless

    Never forget your key again - use your smartphone to control I LOCK IT.

  • Configurable

    With the I LOCK IT app, you can personalize your I LOCK IT to suit your individual needs.

  • Battery life

    The capacity of the lithium ion battery supplies I LOCK IT for a whole cycling season.

  • Emergency opening

    Thanks to the color code, I LOCK IT can always be unlocked, even if your smartphone battery is empty.

  • DSA-System

    The locking bolt simply moves past the spokes. No manual correction of the wheel necessary.

  • Expandable

    The additional chain|cable ensures even more safety when parked for longer periods.

  • Key fob

    The alternative to the smartphone: Open I LOCK IT conveniently at the touch of a button.

GPS live tracking

In addition to the convenient functions, security is of course also a top priority with I LOCK IT GPS: The integrated 3D motion sensors detect every attempted theft and activate the 110 dB loud alarm to scare the thief away. In addition, you will receive a real-time notification on your smartphone, no matter where you are.

And if a thief does not let go of your bike despite the alarm, you can easily track the current location of your bike live via your smartphone. The bicycle lock regularly receives its current position via GPS and transmits it to your smartphone via the mobile network. With I LOCK IT GPS, this also works across national borders throughout the EU, so your bike is always protected, even on vacation.

The proximity location and signal tone function will also help you when searching for your bike. Since the GPS technology also has its limits. An exact location determination can vary between 10 - 100 meters. For example, to find your bike in a large area with lots of parking space, the local locating function is used. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, the I LOCK IT app tells you whether you are approaching your bike or whether you are on the wrong track.

Have you reached the location of your bike but can't find it anywhere? Now use the signal tone function with the I LOCK IT app . This causes I LOCK IT GPS to emit a 110 dB signal tone. Whether your bike is hiding behind a wall or in a basement, you'll hear it!

The I LOCK IT GPS tracking service includes the GPS tracking functionality in the I LOCK IT APP, the GPS tracking server and the data for the mobile phone connection. This service is free for you for 2 years with the purchase of I LOCK IT GPS. See “Note” for more details.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Wie funktioniert das automatische Öffnen?

Per Bluetooth-Verbindung kommuniziert I LOCK IT mit Ihrem Smartphone und steuert so das automatische Öffnen. Das Smartphone kann dafür ganz bequem in der Tasche bleiben. So öffnet sich I LOCK IT ganz automatisch, sobald Sie sich Ihrem Fahrrad nähern. Einfach aufsteigen und losfahren.

Passt I LOCK IT an mein Fahrrad?

Um zu überprüfen, ob I LOCK IT an Ihr Fahrrad passt, können Sie auf unserer Montage-Seite eine Schablone von I LOCK IT herunterladen. Zusätzlich erhalten Sie weitere Informationen zur Installation von I LOCK IT an Ihrem Fahrrad, auch für den Fall, wenn Sie keine Montagebohrungen haben.

Wie lange hält der I LOCK IT-Akku?

Der in I LOCK IT integrierte Akku hält bis zu sieben Monate. Bei niedrigem Ladestand informieren Sie I LOCK IT und die I LOCK IT App rechtzeitig darüber. Sie können dann einfach über den integrierten USB-C Port zum Beispiel mit einer Powerbank Ihr I LOCK IT wieder aufladen.

Wie sicher ist I LOCK IT?

I LOCK IT bietet eine mehrstufige Sicherheit, die weltweit einmalig ist. Robuste Materialien und ein widerstandsfähiger Schließbügel werden ergänzt von einem integrierten Alarm und einer Diebstahlbenachrichtigung auf Ihrem Smartphone. Dies erhöht die Sicherheit immens.

Wie öffne ich I LOCK IT, wenn mein Smartphone-Akku leer ist?

I LOCK IT bietet verschiedene Möglichkeiten zum Öffnen und Schließen, sodass auch ein leerer Smartphone-Akku kein Problem darstellt. Sie können I LOCK IT mit Ihrem persönlichen Farbcode entsperren. Außerdem bietet der Handsender eine Steuerung komplett ohne Smartphone bei gleichem Komfort.

Wie schützt I LOCK IT mein Fahrrad gegen Wegtragen?

I LOCK IT löst bei einem versuchten Diebstahl einen lauten Alarm aus, der umstehende Passanten aufmerksam macht und somit den Dieb verschreckt. Außerdem erhalten Sie umgehend eine Diebstahlbenachrichtigung auf Ihr Smartphone.

Mit I LOCK IT GPS haben Sie zudem die Möglichkeit den Standort Ihres Fahrrades zu verfolgen, falls dieses bewegt wird.

Kann I LOCK IT per Smartwatch bedient werden?

Ja, per Apple Watch kann I LOCK IT ganz einfach geöffnet und geschlossen werden und Sie behalten alles Wichtige im Blick.

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