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  • Maximum security for your bike

Now available! ✅ Delivery time 2-4 days

  • Keyless: opening and closing via smartphone
  • Patented dynamic spoke avoidance system
  • Smart alarm: 110 dB alarm with additional pre-alarm
  • Twice as easy: use the key fob+ and smartphone at the same time

Technical data

  • Size: 160mm × 148mm × 43mm
  • Max width of tire: 64mm
  • Weight: about 350g
  • Battery: Li-ion 3,7V | 1,000 mAh
  • Connections: USB-C charging port


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Minimum system requirements: Android devices from version 5 and iOS devices from iPhone 5

Included in delivery


1× battery (installed in I LOCK IT+)

1× USB-C charging cable

2× Flex adapters

1× mounting material (2x M5 hexagon socket screws for frame mounting)

1× instruction manual


I LOCK IT is a frame lock and is firmly attached to the bike frame. This means you always have I LOCK ITI LOCK IT with you and your bike is always secure!

Most bikes already have the appropriate mounting holes on the frame, to which I LOCK IT is attached using the fastening material supplied. If your bike does not have these mounts in the frame, you can still easily fit I LOCK IT using our installation adapters.

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That's what our I LOCK IT customers say

I LOCK IT+ convenient and secure for your bike

I LOCK IT+ is the electronic bike lock that combines smart functions for maximum bike security. It detects by means of a Bluetooth connection when you approach and unlocks fully automatically for you. Just get on and go, I LOCK IT+ does the rest. A quality product developed and produced in Germany.

Locking and unlocking I LOCK IT+ is completely keyless! With the free I LOCK IT app you control the lock very conveniently. The whole thing is supported with the patent-pending DSA system (dynamic spoke-avoidance-system). This allows the locking bar to move past each spoke.

I LOCK IT+ offers the practical automatic unlocking. The smart lock recognizes when you approach. The opening process then happens completely automatically. You can simply get on and ride off. The integrated battery has enough energy for a bike season and warns you in time via the I LOCK IT app when the charge level is low.

  • Comfortable

    I LOCK IT can be easily opened or closed using an app, button or key fob.

  • Secure

    A hardened steel locking bolt and integrated theft alarm ensure a high level of security.

  • Keyless

    Never forget your key again - use your smartphone to control I LOCK IT.

  • Configurable

    With the I LOCK IT app, you can personalize your I LOCK IT to suit your individual needs.

  • Battery life

    The capacity of the lithium ion battery supplies I LOCK IT for a whole cycling season.

  • Emergency opening

    Thanks to the color code, I LOCK IT can always be unlocked, even if your smartphone battery is empty.

  • DSA-System

    The locking bolt simply moves past the spokes. No manual correction of the wheel necessary.
  • Expandable

    The additional chain|cable ensures even more safety when parked for longer periods.
  • Key fob

    The alternative to the smartphone: Open I LOCK IT conveniently at the touch of a button.
  • Updates

    Regular software updates keep the lock and app always up to date.

Integrated alarm system

Nothing is worse than having your bike stolen, but I LOCK IT+ makes it hard for thieves!

In addition to convenient features, I LOCK IT+ naturally puts security at the top of the list: The integrated 3D motion sensors detect any attempted theft and activate the 110 dB loud alarm to scare the thief away. In addition, you will receive a real-time notification to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection.

If your bike locked with I LOCK IT+ is lifted and moved, or if a thief attempts to break open I LOCK IT+, the bike lock will first trigger a three-alarm tone. However, if this pre-alarm is ignored by the bike thief, the 110 dB loud alarm sound is started.

The alarm scares the thief and draws the attention of passers-by. After 30 seconds, the alarm stops automatically. If the bicycle continues to be moved, then the alarm starts again for 30 seconds. Thus, the bicycle theft is made much more difficult.

Frequently asked questions

How does the automatic opening work?

I LOCK IT communicates via Bluetooth with your smartphone and uses the connection to control the automatic unlocking. The smartphone can conveniently be left in your pocket for this purpose. I LOCK IT opens automatically as soon as you approach your bike. Just hop on and ride.

Will I LOCK IT fit my bike?

If I LOCK IT will fit your bike, you can check out our fitting page and download a model of I LOCK IT. You will get additional information about how to mount I LOCK IT on your bike and what you can do if your bike does not offer the mounting points.

How long does the I LOCK IT battery last?

The integrated rechargeable battery lasts up to seven months. When the battery is running low, I LOCK IT and the I LOCK IT App will inform you ahead of time. You can then easily recharge I LOCK IT through the integrated USB-C port, for example with a power bank.

How secure is I LOCK IT?

I LOCK IT offers a multilevel security, which is worldwide unique. Robust materials and a though locking bolt are complemented by an integrated alarm system and theft notifications to your smartphone. This increases the security immense.

How do I open I LOCK IT if my smartphone battery is empty?

I LOCK IT offers several possibilities for locking and unlocking. Therefore, an empty smartphone battery is no problem. In this case you can open I LOCK IT with your personal color code. Also, the I LOCK IT key fob offers the possibility to control I LOCK IT without a smartphone but with the same comfort.

How does I LOCK IT protect my bike from being carried away?

In case of a theft attempt I LOCK IT sets off a loud alarm. This raises the attention of passersby and scares the thieve away. Additionally, you will immediately receive a theft notification on your smartphone.

With I LOCK IT GPS you are additionaly able to track the location of your bike in real time, in case it is being moved.

Can I LOCK IT be operated via smartwatch?

Yes, I LOCK IT can be easily opened and closed with an Apple Watch and you can keep an eye on everything important.

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