Bike Sharing Solution with I LOCK IT

I LOCK IT offers you the perfect bike share solution with various possibilities to share one or more bicycles:

Easy and fast sharing among friends and family

With our variety of I LOCK IT products such as I LOCK IT classic, I LOCK IT+ and I LOCK IT GPS you can easily share your bike with friends and family.

You can use up to 8 different devices such as smartphones or I LOCK IT key fobs. Easily exchange the key fobs with your friends or let everyone connect their own smartphone to I LOCK IT. This gives you the opportunity to use a bicycle or e-bike with several people.

Additionally, you can easily send out a temporary color code for example via WhatsApp or e-mail. With this color code, I LOCK IT can be opened and closed. So if your friends quickly need your bike just send them the code and they are ready to ride.

Buy your I LOCK IT now and start your private bike sharing system.

private bike share solution
public bike share solution

Professional bike sharing solution for companies and communities

In addition to the private bike there is the I LOCK IT sharing variant of I SHARE IT. That smart bike lock also allows you to build a professional bike sharing system. This I SHARE IT bike sharing solution is ideal, e.g. for

  • Use on factory premises
  • Within municipalities
  • Hospitality like hotels

With the I LOCK IT bike lock, the online management platform and the I SHARE IT bike sharing app, we offer you the professional bike sharing solution for your application.

This combination allows the easy setup of your own bike sharing system for your company, community or hotel. Control the access to the bikes with the online platform and receive statistics about the usage.

This professional bike sharing solution is perfect for building a station-based rental solution with a virtual station, as well as for a free floating bike sharing system.

If you want to know more about the professional I SHARE IT bike sharing solution with I LOCK IT, visit our I SHARE IT website.